Hype Your Collection With A Range Of Coolest Collectables

Do you want to hype up your collection? Not sure what collectables you should go with to hype up your collection? Well, Kollectable Kaos has you covered.

With a high number of collectables currently in the market, finding that cool addition for your collection can be hard. Luckily for you, Kollectable Kaos is here to help with all your pop vinyl figures Australia needs. We’ve done the hard work by putting a list of cool collectables that are perfect for your collection. With characters like Rat Fink Green Chrome Pop, South Park Mint Berry Crunch Pop to rare pop figures, you are bound to find an ideal piece for your collection in this post. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Iron Man Mark 1

Topping off this pop vinyl figures Australian pop is Iron Man Mark 1. Evidently a different looking prototype, this Funko pop is a timeless piece to add to your collection. What’s unique about this figurine is that it spots the very first Iron Man suit. Remember the one Tony Shark wore while fighting terrorists? Yes, that one. Having it in your collection will see you have an ideal prototype to remember Tony Shark and the first Iron Movie with.


Known for not being the first Funko of Thor: Ragnarok’s Valkyrie, this pop figurine is without a doubt a cool addition to any collection. Some of its standout features include a light-grey and gold costume that really makes it stand out.

If you are a fan, you’ll note that this is the same suit combination Valkyrie wore during the final battle. Do note however that this Funko pop might be hard to find. If you do find it however, it’ll be a perfect addition for a cool collection.

Ron Swanson

If you are after pop vinyl figures Australia that immortalizes one of Ron’s deranged moment that looks no further. This Ron Swanson Funko Pop has all the details we love about Ron. From his impeccable moustache to his sleek rob; the level of detailing is amazing. Adding this Funko pop to your collection is sure to give you cool status.

Moaning Myrtle

Formerly Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, this Figurine is not for the faint-hearted. Why do I say this? Well, this Moaning Myrtle is a playful ghost with a dark mission of haunting the Hogwarts bathrooms. If you do however have it in you to add it to your collection, you’ll realize that it’s an ideal addition. And did I mention it glows during the dark? Well, it does give it added appeal as a pop vinyl figures Australia.

Incredibles 2: Edna Jack-Jack

Do you love the movie Incredibles 2? If so then you are going to love adding this figurine to your collection. Representing Jack-jack, this one of a kind Funko Pop has a striking look. From its slightly over-sized eyes to its flowing hair, it has all the characteristics that make for an ideal figurine.

For more on all things pop vinyl figures Australia, do turn to Kollectable Kaos. Whether it’s rare pop figures like Goku attire or really expensive pieces you can count on Kollectable Kaos to deliver. To contact one of their representatives do dial (08) 8262 8234 or send an email to contact@kollectablekaos.com.au.

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