Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Better Aging

It is common knowledge that as people age, their bodies start to function differently- often exhibiting signs of degeneration and the inability to full health. One body part that gets a lot of impact from the aging process is the brain.

• Certain parts of the brain are prone to shrinking. This is most especially true for the areas of the brain responsible for learning as well as other more complex mental functions.

• Certain parts of the brain can develop an issue where communication between nerve cells are reduced.

• There is decreased blood flow to the brain

• Increased inflammation may develop especially when the body responds to diseases or injuries.

There is no sure-fire way to stop aging in its tracks but for those keen on looking after their brain health as they age, oxygen therapy may just be the thing.

Oxygen Therapy for Brain Health

Also known as supplemental oxygen therapy, this is a process that involves the use of oxygen as part of a medical treatment. This is used for conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning. Cluster headaches, low blood oxygen, and also to help maintain brain health to support the aging process.

There are several ways to deliver oxygen therapy but one popular method is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Aviv-Clinics.com, a group that offers such a treatment state that this is indeed one of the most well-known types of therapy and delivers 100% oxygen in a body chamber. While most often used for decompression sickness and wound healing, it also helps brain health in a number of ways.

• In some before-and-after brain scans (SPEC) conducted on people who have undergone HBOT, scams show a marked improvement in blood flow towards the brain. It is very important to note that getting adequate blood flow ton the brain is considered vital to mental health. These SPEC scans have shown that low blood flow to the brain are linked to a number of issues such as depression, ADHD etc. Furthermore, low blood flow to the brain is considered the top brain imaging predictor that an individual is prone to developing Alzheimer’s.

• HBOT is also shown to help increase serotonin levels in the brain. Known as the feel-good hormone, this is often triggered with the increase of oxygen flow to the brain. Having adequate levels of serotonin in the brain helps people better regulate anxiety better as well as improve mood support.

• With increased oxygen levels and blood flow to the brain, neurogenesis is stimulated. This helps improve reaction time and memory functions which helps to battle the effects of dementia.

There is a reason why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is so popular among a large demographic. Utilised by athletes and ordinary people alike, the effects of increased oxygen on the body and the brain cannot be ignored especially by those looking to age more healthily. There are a lot of clinics that offer oxygen therapy but if 100% oxygen is what you are looking to get, opt for clinics that offer HBOT.

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