I believe you’ll be able to alter the meter to be enjoy 2k21

Largest takeaway: Quick break slashing is OP on newcomer difficulty. Lateral quickness is much more important than speed for Nba 2k21 Mt mobility to really shine. Shooting really took a hit this year so having the ability to lock down those who can shoot is a necessity. Some badges desire buffed while others need nerfed. HOF slither fin requires a buff, HOF select pocket demands nerfed.

What is your comments on a mid range slasher construct. It appears to be somewhat similar to this inside out playmaker out of this season I made one now and I got compared to steph and trae. Is dunking value a defensive or playmaking badge? I am making a drama shot of build and have everything pretty solid on attributes, but my dip is basically nonexistent and I’ve 17 extra attribute points to make him dunk or place it on other people so that I can find another badge. I’ve 6 defensive and 23 playmaking. Suggestions?

I would take another defensive badge if I were you. You already have enough playmaking badges and dunking isn’t that important on a playshot. Just got off work and been looking out the demo and I’m fairly disappointed. The shot meter is a abomination and taking away the simplicity of pressing down on the stick to dribble on your back but today I need to press diagonally depending on the flip side. Considering not even getting the game now.

Pretty sure it is possible to change it back to 20 in the entire game. I also thought the exact same but I played with some quick games and that I now love the pro stick so much. I feel like I have already mastered it, obtaining the heart stage. Gameplay can also be feeling a great deal better. This game feels just like what 2k20 should happen to be basically. I can definitely play with this before next gen. Simply play the game and really take time to learn and adapt, it’s fun and gets improved. Demo nevertheless an L but gameplay is looking fantastic so far, ideally mike wang does not ruin it after children complain. Additionally, I got a hang of this dribbling now too, did not take long.

Also forgot to mention I fell 81 with Kobe now, had to do it on mamba day, that alone makes me feel confident about using the pro stick, and also gave me a sense of the gameplay. There’s no need to get it, it has 2k21 + minor changes.

I am only a myteam player and the mode was looking enjoyable but these gameplay changes are atrocious. I believe you’ll be able to alter the meter to be enjoy 2k21/turn off it. However they constantly alter a few dribble move controls annually so that I can not imagine that mt for sale 2k21 being too bad. I discovered the demon undersized center build.

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