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This season, the 13 games in Peterson were only completed 2 times of copying 8 times. It is obvious that this data is not good enough for the top of the league, I don’t know if I am betting after the bet is lost. .

Steelman plans to hold training camp in Hengshu Stadium

Due to new crown epidemics, NFL has previously issued a notice, requiring various furniture to hold training camps in their own facilities. One of the teams who are used to hovering training in the field, the steel man has been affected.

Brown center Mark or will leave the team after the next season

Cleveland Brown Professional Bowl of Central Alex Mack In interviews on Wednesday, the local time was asked to leave the team after the 2015 season. For this problem, Mark did not give a clear answer. Mark and Brown’s current contract for five years, worth 42 million, after the next season, he will have the right to jump out of the contract.

They also lost the corner of Morris Claiborne this season. Cowbur’s defensive group has been unexpected this year, but in the league is still general, we will see what if we can’t open the situation if the cowboy offensive is not open.

Before the start of this season, the American Tiger plans to learn Botos as a substitute, but this decision has lasted only 3 weeks. After becoming a first, Botos’ performance does not have a highlight, but it also exposes a lot of shortcomings. His arm strength is outstanding, but also has certain exercise capabilities, but his ability to pass the ball and determine the goal of the goal limit his performance. Next season, Botos’s primary task will be reduced, and Olsen needs to do his efforts to cultivate him to trustworthiness.

NFL official website expert Greg Cosell This week, he believed that Botos needed to increase its performance under pressure. Last season, he totated 55 times, the data leads all four-point guard. Coesier believes that whether Botos is still an offensive group of the Jiranius, both parties need to re-start under the leadership of Olsen. Coesier pointed out that as a rookie, Botos still has a lot of bad habits, he needs to do these issues as soon as possible.

Mark said: “I can’t give the answer now. I will make a decision after the end of the season. I will consider it.” Although Mark and Brown contracts have been 3 years, but the last season Brown uses excessive label to it last season During the period, Mark and Jackson America have once again agree, and finally Brown chooses to match the contract proposed by the American tiger, which also reserves the player options in the Marc contract.

In the draft in the end of the month, Brown chose the offensive front line player Camelon-Owen (Cameron ERVIN) in the 19th, and he can compete for multiple locations. Brown This is considered to be prepared to prevent Mark cheap jerseys from china being prepared in advance. Mark said: “I need to look at the performance of our new season, last season we are in the bottom of the partition, I want to win more games, this is very important to me. No one likes to lose, no doubt.”

Steel people’s training camps are generally held in Saint Vincent University, but the epidemic will make them unable to follow the tradition. In addition to steel, the teams such as cowboy, and the black panther also need to re-select the training venue.

Denim Duranting may be reimbursed

Dallas denim defensive group was trauma, and Jerry Jones said in the team website, Justin Durant, lost to Washington in the game on Monday night. The muscles tear, Durant is likely to be reimbursed in season.

At the end of the Tigers playing the preseason, Green congratulations Jones, but it sounds to his own contract is not worried. “This is a good thing for him,” Green said. “We will wait and see if I can get a new contract that will have a new contract. If there is no new contract, I will then make appearances wonderful performance. We wait and see.”

This is undoubtedly a huge loss, although Durant race two games, but he is still a team The leader of the leader, he is relieved in the weak side of the year. Now I lost Durant’s cowboy defense depth, 2012 four-wheeled outgoing 卫凯 Wilber’s performance as Durant is very general.

In Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant), Dema Reese – Thomas (Demaryius Thomas). Jones and T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) in the offseason to get a contract extension, outside the Cincinnati Bengals took over is expected to be the next person a huge contract extension.

American tiger needs to restart with Botos

Jacksonville American Tiger has just announced that Greg Olsen will be hired as a new offensive coordinator. Last season, Olsen as an offensive coordinator of Auckland raid, DEREK Carr, with a tacit understanding, helping this rookie to make a great progress in the field. Now, the Americas hopes that he can help another rookie four-point Week Botos (Bortles) with the same way.

Upon entering the final year of his rookie contract, Green hopes to add these to get $ 70 million contract extension wide receiver ranks. “All the wide receiver have been a big contract, we’ll see if I can get such a treatment.”

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