I feel like no other ones given you any genuine sound information

I just started too and if you’d like a great money maker make a few bracelets from gold bars. I made 12,000 of these and made 1.7m gold! Generally people suggest doing all free to perform quests to get started. If you decide to go members, the first bond will be hard to OSRS gold get with gold. It’s a whole lot simpler to maintain membership with gold when you are a member. The quest requirements provide you goals to work towards and unlock alot of content. Most of all, have fun playing RuneScape!

I cannot. I am not going to willingly help anybody get into this kind of addictive game. This shit is going to have you hooked for life, and it will let go. This isnt a joke about entertaining RuneScape is, this shit is fucking horrible, stuck clicking on the spots for tens of thousands of hours. You can decide for yourself if you would like to continue on, blissfully ignorant of the particulars of RuneScape, or seem deeper, and lose any humanity you’ve so you can click rocks all day.

I feel like no other ones given you any genuine sound information so here is mine:Combine a cc (clan chat.) I’d suggest the one I’m in (Elysium cc) It’s amazing just how much being a part of a community can help u in RuneScape with just how overwhelming it is at first. Additionally it is basically a RuneScape player. Work towards getting Barrows Gloves. 175 pursuit points will be taken by this and completing a very long number finish a quest called recipe. These gloves aren’t only amazing to own, but every quest to get there will have requirements and it is those quests that will provide you everything from traveling like fairy rings to obtaining new regions of the map. Id kind in”recipe for disaster” into google and go into the one that is the wiki osrs link (probably the primary one.)

On that site u can slowly check off quests you finish or requirements u need etc to buy RuneScape gold arrange yourself and it will b saved on ur browser to get when u go back to the webpage. It is going to really help cut down that overwhelming feeling and it’s a very good goal to have, wiki osrs is ur bread and butter. Use it. 9 times out of 10 by typing what u want understand within that site or into google ur gonna find the answer. I’d recommend slayer musiq. He is a fucking legend for walk throughs and you’ll complete them way faster if that is playing in the background while doing them. Could also just consult wiki up to u.theoatrix has quite good guides for 1-99 on almost all skills if u wanna figure out how to grind something different. Know RuneScapes a sandbox mmo there’s no wrong or right way to play it. There’s a million things to do that’s the beauty of this. If u want Oda1337, add me. Once more I would recommend joining the clan I am in we are pretty magnificent.

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