I play 2K21 to get MyGM

Isn’t MyLeague the exact same with nba 2k21 mt coins much more customization but as MyGM? There’s two Zions and two Jas and two RJs which just ruins it for me.I thought I was the only one with this issue, this has occurred to me in the ps4. I simply don’t understand how I really feel about these inevitability with Kobe for the”legend edition” that is double the cost of this standard.I’d like if Kobe is the only pay for 2k24 but that’s too far to the future.

They always do a legend edition it just feels really weird that they are likely to be profiting off his death.Knowing that the 2k community there will be a ton of folks who give a video game firm $100″out of respect”for Kobe.Surprised it is not Luka or even Zion. However, it was earned by Dame. Been playing lights out the previous few decades.2k can’t even get Kawhi to voice his character in the storyline, how are they gonna get him to consent to be the cover athlete?Those cut scenes are brutal, why would any athlete agree to be in them is my question.Sounds like he’s reading his lines for your first time through a mouth full of marshmallows.

Nearly spit my coffee out in the Youtube comment that states”2K did my mans dirty, he sounds like a convict trying to get he GED. “Sounds like he is studying for the first time.I need to see this every time it becomes shared hahaha.Jesus. Can they do this in 1 take? Could not the men that are sound cut at a number of the pauses to make it. What the fuck is this.That’s the concerning part. They would certainly do all that, so this is the cleaned up version after a bunch of takes.Don’t be too hard on the guy, mumble rap just started getting hot around the time. Waiters prepared for his retirement hobby.

The very best part is MyPlayer cutting off Buy NBA 2K21 Mt him mid-sentence. I fucking love the thought of Markeif Morris telling Shaq that is prime to provide him the ball more , although I know it’s not him.

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