I recall in Legion when I first had this thought

The second reality is that they’re doing it on WOW Classic TBC Gold purpose, they intentionally withhold QOL changes and obvious improvements so as to artificially extend gametime and enhance performance metrics without actually having to create new content but rather just making existing content take more.

It’s not just classes, it’s everything. Gotta create that new healthy part with the new peace blossom along with the brand new vial. What’s it gonna look like? Oh it’s a red bottle with a gold shit onto it or something.

I recall in Legion when I first had this thought. I had been frustrated with the feeling like I was wasting time in WoD (I chalked that up to coming in late and needing to’catch up’). Two months into Legion I was playing together following the narrative in Legion and unexpectedly to last a questline I had to perform a mythical dungeon of a specific difficulty. It wasn’t supposed to be a casual encounter.

It sucks because I remember when they implemented raid finder for a means of cheap TBC Classic Gold creating lower problem content so people might have the story without having to be more of a’hardcore’ participant. Suddenly basic outdoor quests required content that is competitive.

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