I saw this conversation on Twitter and me profoundly concerned.

The event calendar ought to be online. The myplayer builder ought to be online. The cutoff elevation for the jumpshots ect should be at and NBA MT Coins. NBA 2K21 was out for weeks and I feel like I learn something new everyday, such as being able to switch your match-up with up on RS. Additionally, EVERY JUMPSHOT SHOULD HAVE MAKE PERCENTAGE AND THE SAME GREEN WINDOW, which means you don’t have to pay some website to find the one that is best.

I saw this conversation on Twitter and me profoundly concerned. Youtubers and their followers were hoping to convince devs (I understand LD2K isn’t a dev) to return got adjoining spots in rec cause they miss things like being able to walk around the gym in mascots. Imagine from waiting 10 minutes to get a park game to 45 minutes to get a rec match going. All so a youtuber can make a video like”5 Mascots took over rec and THIS occurred!” Rather than using Twitter (or even Reddit) to get feedback for NBA 2K21, why don’t you get the opinions of everyone who plays NBA 2K21 by placing surveys and polls in the actual game (voluntary obviously.)

So a lot of NBA 2K21 is based on what happens on the 2s court when maybe 10% of players play 2s. I have never heard a single rec player complaining about article scorers being OP for instance. The customer is not always right, so not everything should be majority vote, but right now there’s no way for 2K to even know what their consumers want.

Notice, I did not state buff/nerf interior scoring or defense. They are both broken at this time and need to be redone from scratch. Hands up shield was OP in 2K19 (seriously, you should not have the ability to make a post scorer or pure slasher miss only by placing palms ), but it is dreadful and borderline useless in 2K20. Get rid of the palms up cartoons that move you and give no contest. Get rid of garbage badges such as intimidator and pogo stick. Speed up post move animations.

Make standing dip as strong as man contact dunks and driving dip as strong as driving contact dunks. Boost the rating for individual contact dunks from 75 to 85 and stop letting every big man build get them. Big individual contact dunks mean next to nothing since virtually all facilities can get it. A reddish center should not have 99 standing dip. A shooting glock shouldn’t find man contact dunks. There ought to be a offensive gap between offensive and defensive centers. Get cubes and Buy 2K MT losing the ball fakes. Fix putbacks. Fix pins. Just redo the inside from scratch.

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