I tip extensions

I tip extensions are a kind of hair extension that is attached to natural hair by using bent microfibers or a metallic cylindrical. They aren’t the same as other types of links. I tip extensions are different and made of separate sections of hair joined by a cylinder component. They generally are a loop that is attached to the user’s natural hair. Professional human hair I tip extensions are light and easy to put on. The I Tip extensions use regenerated hair strands that are more resistant to moisture, less break and last longer. It is a long-lasting extension option. This is how I suggest extensions will help you get a beautiful and volatized appearance to your hair. We offer the top hair extensions and exclusive solutions to meet your hair’s requirements. I Tip extensions are ideal for those who want to boost the length and volume of their hair.

It is also crucial to determine what extensions will work the best for your hair’s texture.

Advantages of I tip extensions

Let’s take a look at the numerous advantages of I tip extensions. They have many advantages as well as features that are sure to surprise you.

  • I-Tip Hair Extensions Create a shorter-haired appear great

A lot of women desire to appear better and more attractive due to various reasons. I tip extensions were designed to ensure that women could enhance their appearance. Do your locks appear dull and uninteresting? At least one I-tip extension must be present in your hair, since weaves like these can change the appearance of a person.

You now have complete control over the length of your hair grows, without having to spend months or years buying hair products. They also give the softness and gloss that exceed your expectations.

  • Stick Tip Attachment may be completed at-home

If you’ve got the right tools and equipment you can put in I extension tips yourself. This is an excellent option for women who do not want to hire for a professional.

  • I-Tips are the ideal option for strands with thinner thickness.

One of the disadvantages and benefits of I-tip extensions is the amount of the pressure that other weaves put on your hair. I-tip hair extensions do not put pressure on your hair since they’re light. They are great for those who have thin hair. I tip extensions are ideal for people with thin or weak hair.

  • They’re a fantastic alternative to hot fusion

Since they are cold-fusion, I-tips are an excellent alternative to hot fusion. The process of installing hot fusion takes three to four hours. I-tips installation can take between 1 and 1.5 hours. They won’t melt if you don’t employ any heat instrument.

  • Natural Strands are not harmful

Another crucial aspect of I-tip extensions is the effect on the hair strands that you have. Hair can be damaged by weaves and cause damage to hair, which is why most people stay clear of using them. It is possible to use I-tip extensions even if you’ve never tried I-tip extensions before. They are not damaging to hair that is natural. Extensions must be properly put in place without using any chemicals or hot tools.

If the extensions are properly maintained, there won’t cause any harm to the real hair. Extensions can be used without heating equipment and won’t cause any harm to the hair strands.

The drawbacks of extensions for I-tips

There isn’t a benefit without a drawback. There are a few disadvantages when extensions that I would recommend.

  • It’s possible that the installation could be difficult

One of the primary reasons why hair installation can be difficult is that you don’t know how to perform it. It is important to know the equipment and the way they function. Learn how to set up I tip extensions at you’re at home through watching YouTube. You’ll also require some tools that are available at any salon or at a store.

  • It needs special attention

It also requires extra attention to keep it in good condition. For instance I-tip extensions need to be cleaned and brushing with attention. If you wash too close to the beads could cause them to shift or the I-tip strands can be separated. Be gentle when washing your beads, and don’t pull at them.

  • Washing and brushing is an extremely difficult task

The people who wear I Tip hair extensions might have difficulty cleaning and combing them. It is important to take care when using I tip hair extensions. Do not tie I tip hair extensions with pearls. Begin at the end, and work your way upwards. It is important to gently push the extensions. Don’t pull or scratch at the extensions.

  • You’ll Need Installation Tools

Although purchasing hair tools isn’t an issue, they is expensive. Without the use of beads or pliers, I tip extensions are not a viable option.

You can purchase these tools in a store or in a salon, and they’re very inexpensive. You must be able to properly use these instruments before applying hair extensions.


What makes them so Good?

I-tips extensions provide easy access to your scalp and are an excellent alternative. Your hair’s natural texture is completely covered with the extensions. The only time you’ll be at the hairdresser for a brief period of time. It will take about 1 and a half hours to put in the I-tip. Hair can continue to flow freely, even with no braids. I tips I tip extensions permit greater movement and can be rolled up into a wrap that is low maintenance. They are able to be styled in the similar to hair extensions.

How many years have you had to wait before to tip extensions?

If you maintain your hair with regular washing, hair will last for between 6 and 8 weeks. One package of hair is able to be used in a variety of settings. Each time a wash is completed the protein that connects the I-tip extensions will begin breaking down.

What is the frequency and how often do my extensions need to be cleaned?

I tip extensions do not absorb oils from the scalp as do other extensions of hair. This means that they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently like other extensions. After about 15 uses or when you see an accumulation of product, I tip extensions must be cleaned. They’ll last longer if they are cleaned less frequently.

Wash your I-tip extensions using shampoo, moisturizer, and a hydrating mask. Avoid circular movements while washing your hair extensions.

Do I have the ability to have my I Tip extensions to be soaked?

Hair extensions made of 100% top-quality hair. This means they can be wet washed like natural hair. (For more details on how to take care of my I tip extensions you can refer to “How can I take care of my? Avoid swimming if you’re concerned about the damage to your hair caused due to saltwater or chlorine. If you can keep your hair from getting into the water or in pools be aware that chlorine could cause hair to turn yellow especially if it’s lighter. Don’t wash your hair with shampoo containing sulfate or conditioner, if you have.

Do I have to use oily products on my extensions?

We do not recommend the I tip extensions customers to use products that are oily. The oil can result in damage to connections between the extensions. In such instances beware of products that contain oil.

Do I need to use hairspray for my extensions?

Beware of alcohol-based hair sprays as well as other products for styling. Alcohol can cause your hair to become extremely dry. If you do not have to use products for your hair like foam or gels, stay clear of these. They may dry hair and make it to entangle. Products for styling can cause hair to get clogged. To get rid of residue and buildup it is recommended to apply a complication shampoo two times every month.

Do I have to go to sleep with my hair wet?

Before applying I tip extensions ensure that they dry completely prior to going to going to bed. The formation of tangles is possible when your hair is damp prior to going to sleep. In the evening dry your hair, and then braid your hair extensions in loose, long styles.

Do I have to reuse my extension tips?

We are praised for our high-quality. They’re a great investment if you maintain them in good condition.

This is a great tip! Let your extension expert know that you intend to reuse your I tip extensions prior to when they are put in. The expert will confirm that the tips of the bond are correctly fitted and ready for reuse.

What number of hair extensions are required to complete a head installation?

Each box has 20 strands of hair, each one weighing 1 grams. 5-6 packs could be sufficient for your client who has fine hair, is thin, has layers, and is around shoulder length.

If a customer has a shorter hairstyle and has a medium to high density, they’ll require about 10-12 hair extensions. Each client you’ll have to supply at least five bundles and 100 strands of hair extensions. The length and the density of the hair on the client will determine the number of I-tip extensions needed. It is essential that the client attends to consult before installing I tips.

Which brush should I use to apply my extensions?

To ensure that your extensions look stunning, we suggest making use of large-sized teeth. We also recommend using specific tools and a combed brush specifically designed for your extensions. Brushes that aren’t of the highest quality can harm extensions, and using a regular brush won’t provide the identical results. Start by comb-overing your hair and then work your way upwards.

Do I have to wash my hair regularly?

It is recommended to do at minimum three times per each day. This can aid in dispersing and reducing the amount of knots. Begin at the tips then work your way upwards. Keep the roots on one direction and the tips in the other. You can make use of a broad tooth combing tool, or a specially designed looped brush to be used for I tip extensions.


I tips extensions provide length, volume, and thickness to hair, just as other extensions. They are more difficult to set up and maintain than other kinds of. We hope this will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of I tip extensions. They provide more advantages than other types. A hair extension with an I-tip is an excellent choice for those with short or thin hair. Extensions are better than waiting for hair growth to return months later. Hair extensions that are temporary are a great way to alter your hair on a regular basis, however permanent extensions are the best option when you plan to use extensions for a long period of time.


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