I was imagining that Runescape ought to have the option to have a pet capacity

All of us are aware, or at the very least think that jagex directs quest lines towards Second god wars. However, no one knows how they will overcome obstacles that have already been outlined in the storyline (namely Guthix’s decrees). What god will they choose Old School RuneScape Gold? What god is the one who will be first to start this process? Which mahjrahart is going to become a god? How epic will the godwars be?

I think that the god wars will be triggered by the bilrach… without knowing. I think that guthix (yes guthix!) is hiding at the lowest point. Bilrach plans for the same fate as zamorak’s rise into godhood by banishing Guthix. Zaros will easily beat zamorak, saradomin and guthix if he doesn’t make his rules. .

One exception is that bilrach is transferable to Zamoraks. Since Zamorak would likely be zaros’s first target, this would cut zaros’s first strike short due to the first stage not working and cause gielenor’s fall into god wars. Other dieties are likely to migrate to this plane, causing the conflict. Lucien may or may not rise to power prior to this.

Do the Mutes work? Welcome to Part One of my series on discussions that I am addressing with the community. There are several threads where you can discuss the issue and get your opinion. In this episode I discuss the punishment system that is used in the game, and the flaws it has. The next time Cheap RS Gold, I’ll discuss the game’s economics as well as how individuals can influence it.

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