ICT Business Analyst 261111 Closely Related Core ICT Units

Do you dream of Australian immigration as an ICT Business Analyst 261111? If yes, then read this blog. Here, we will enlighten you about the English requirements, closely related core ICT units and job roles and responsibilities that you will be expected to perform in Australia. Knowing all these things will help you prepare for the ACS assessment much better.

So, calm your nerves and read the blog to the end.

What does an ICT Business Analyst 261111 do?

An ICT business analyst works with clients for creating system specifications, developing system proposals and documents, analyzing and evaluating existing systems, building and making important updates to meet the business requirements of clients.

Tasks you have to perform as an ICT Business Analyst 261111:

  • Work with clients to create and know the business needs
  • Investigate, identify and monitor the business requirement and workflow
  • Evaluate and identify inefficiencies and propose the best management strategies, system efficiency and behaviour
  • Utilize project management methods, concepts and strategies to set up project plans and expense, capital and project management
  • Take up the responsibility for implementing functional solutions like the development, adoption and execution of system test plans to ensure appropriate consistency and the system credibility
  • Create user and training documents and organize formal training classes
  • Develop functional specifications for utilization by system developers
  • Utilize data and process stimulation techniques for the creation of consistent system requirements for the design and production of system software
  • Working as a main guide and knowledge source, giving feedback and support in the decision-making process of the project framework

English language requirements you need to meet:

  • IELTS score of at least 6 (L, R, W), 7 in speaking and 7 overall
  • TOEFL iBT with at least (L:12, R:13, W:21, S:23 and overall L93)
  • OET score with at least grade B in every section
  • PTE Academic with at least a score of 50 (L, R, W), 65 in speaking and 65 overall


  • In some territories/states, Australian Graduate exceptions exist.
  • Priority Skilled Lists can apply a specific need in some states/territories.
  • The countries that are excluded from the submission of IELTS or OET shall include the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Ireland.
  • Where mandatory licensing or registration is necessary, you need to show a level of English that is either adequate to meet the registration or licensing criteria or a minimum IELTS or equivalent level, whichever is higher.

Closely related core ICT units:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business System planning
  • Expert Systems
  • Enterprise architecture (Enterprise Resource Management, Emerging Technologies)
  • Information System Management
  • Expert Systems
  • Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design
  • Information Systems, Management Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Requirements gathering
  • System Development
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • System Modeling
  • System Integration
  • User Requirement Definition
  • UML

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