“IDEAL KNEE” – Pioneering an innovation in Ideal Total Knee Replacement

The demand for Ideal Total Knee Replacement is increasing day by day across the world where it is widely believed that the implants of the knee replacement do not last beyond ten years making it a difficult choice especially for younger patients or athletes.

Usually, the patients who undergo a total knee replacement surgery in Chennai require a longer period of time to recover post-surgery. This major concern is perceived that patients usually take up to a year to recover from post operative pain and trauma. Another area of concern is the longevity of the knee replacement procedures.

The prolonged recovery from past procedural pain and limited life span of implants are two critical factors that trigger apprehension in patients. Keeping these two concerns in mind the concept of ideal total knee replacement was innovated to offer a new lease of life for the patients. Moreover, this type of total knee replacement treatments is considered to be a boon in the medical field of Orthopaedics because it has proven to provide the patient with superior results.

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Ideal Total Knee Replacement – A Revolutionary Procedure The Ideal total knee replacement is an exciting development in the total knee replacement surgery. Previously, this customized total knee replacement surgery in Chennai simply meant that the knee was studied prior to surgery and the best cuts were made to the joint to optimize the surgical outcome.

But in recent years, the customized or ideal total knee joint replacement is just that prior to surgery, your orthopaedist will use an advanced computer technology to build your artificial knee so that it fits exactly to the contour of the actual knee joint.

A key factor in this revolutionary procedure of ideal total knee replacement surgery in Chennai is to protect and preserve the muscles which is particularly true for knee joint replacement or resurfacing. The muscles provide strength, control the knee and play an important role in regaining motion.

The ideal total knee replacement does not require cutting or detaching muscles around the knee but comes with zero error, prolonged endurance of implants, better motion and rapid recovery from pain.

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