Identity Screening Solution: An Important Tool for Strong AML Compliance Program

Money laundering and fraud have become commonplace these days since most transactions take place through online channels. To prevent the incidences of money laundering and theft, every business must set up an AML compliance program. Such a program will help businesses spot fraudsters and make it difficult for them to get away with illegal gains. But setting up an AML compliance program with all the minimum requirements fulfilled is not enough. To create a robust and advanced compliance program you must use innovative and tech-driven tools. One of the tools that can make your AML compliance program strong is an identity screening solution.

An identity screening solution will help you identify accounts that pose a potential risk of fraud and mitigate those risks. Moreover, it will also help your business steer clear from violating compliance regulations. If your business does not employ an identity screening solution, a fraudster can get past the initial checks and would be free to launder money. An identity screening solution will help you prevent such fraudsters from bypassing your safety regulations which will provide your compliance program a strong foothold.

An efficient identity screening solution will gather all the important data and screen it against data from major government databases, international sources, and law enforcement agencies. This will help you filter out people with suspicious identities, and those previously involved in frauds, money laundering, and financial crimes, along with politically exposed persons (PEPs). Therefore, having an identity screening solution will certainly make your AML compliance program strong and efficient.

Choose an identity screening solution that is easy to use and integrate with your compliance program. Currently, there is only one identity screening solution that stands true to all tests and is provided by BASIS ID.

BASIS ID is amongst the leading companies and provides the best in class identity screening solutions. The company has created an excellent reputation as an AML KYC service provider that offers outstanding identity verification solutions. The latest software provided by the company has fast integration, fast online identity verification, and fast support. BASIS ID identity verification software scans the identities against major government databases from across the world under a few minutes. So, don’t hesitate! Make your AML compliance program stronger with BASIS ID identity verification software. Contact them now to know more.


BASIS ID is a leading AML KYC service provider that provides advanced and robust identity verification software solutions.

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