What is IELTS test and why is it necessary?

IELTS (International English Testing Language System) is a well-known exam popular worldwide as a second language proof for their proficiency. Once cleared the exam, you’ll soon be considering as eligible for migration purposes to United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This test can help you to reach your Education, Career or Life goals.

IELTS tips during your test

Listening section

  • Raise your hand calmly if you have any problem with the functioning of headphones.
  • If not using the headphones, make sure that you are properly able to hear the recording.
  • Always use the time given for any particular purpose, Read all of the questions right before the recording starts.
  • Check out all of your spelling and grammar in the last 10 minutes provided.
  • Try to listen as many as conversations as you can. Listen to English bulletins and make notes with those headlines. This will improve your hearing capability.

Reading tips

  • Read out all of the instructions very carefully.
  • Time management is everything here. Move to the next question right after you are not finding one answer.
  • Track time after every single minute.
  • Do not waste your time in transferring instead write your answers directly on the sheet.
  • As there is no negative marketing, do not leave any question unanswered. Show your confidence and make response.

Writing tips

  • The recommended time for completing the task 1 is 20 minutes.
  • Don’t count the word number; quickly count the words and lines for estimation.
  • Use only American or British spelling so check out your spelling accordingly only.
  • Be sure about your spellings, many of the test takers may lose their marks with the spelling mistakes.

Speaking tips

  • Be confident enough to chat and also practice speaking the English before test.
  • Put all your knowledge to the answers.
  • Vocabulary weighs only 25% of the total marks.
  • Short hand writing style is okay and saves your lot of time too.
  • Try not to use abbreviations or informal language.

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Last tip is to set up your goals that are realistic.

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