If it takes over to RuneScape the cosmetics would be unobtainable

Please read the nested comments. I really don’t care how difficult it is for OSRS gold ironmen. I am not speaking about catering to a market. I’m making sure no one-time uniques are created because (1) discontinued rares aren’t great for the market, (2) it hurts completionists and currently every item is really obtainable on fresh accounts, however obscenely rare (close hopeless! I do not care if ironmen will have a more difficult time or if they are tradable. Thanks.

This sounds somewhat unfortunate for ironmen players. I understand the point of RuneScape mode is a limitation where ironmen are required to get everything themselves. Yes, I know we chose to limit ourselves. But if making makeup tradeable is the only pledge for casual regular players who cannot play these hard-core due to IRL commitments, then casual ironmen players have zero incentive to participate the seasonal leagues whatsoever because they would have to grind mad hours to keep up with streamers like MmorpgRS/B0aty to get the cosmetics on RuneScape.

Or will ironman mode be disabled about the leagues? Even then, if it takes over to RuneScape the cosmetics would be unobtainable on an ironman. It seems like that was not thought through IMO. I thought that the purpose of ironman style was to be forced to get everything yourself, not be locked out of cosmetics as you can not grind as long as someone else at a time-locked tournament. In RuneScape, each item is obtainable by an ironman, even though exceedingly unlikely (e.g. druidic third age). This may break that.

If it’s like the way King of the Skill was, at which we played a predetermined number of in-game hours rather than IRL hours, I think it would be a whole lot fairer. Sure, streamers could make multiple accounts to keep striving for better and better attempts, but ultimately what matters is your personal efficiency in-game, not just how many IRL hours you have available.

I mean, can’t you say the same thing concerning Ironman and existing cosmetics being unfair? Like it is unfair to try and get 3rd Age on an Ironman because it’s soo rare yet mains may only trade it. Also, we do not understand the way the reward structure will work this is in a future blog. From what Kieren stated, the focus is competitive and the rewards will be reason for everyone to play. If that is the case, then Ironmen should be able to make points for rs 2007 gold hte rewards without having to nolife grind it as you suggested. You may not be able to pay for all the possible makeup, but at least in the first championship, but it’s still true that you can get them.

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