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“I think no one may face more nervous atmosphere than before coming to New York,” Jones said. “This is part of this work. As I said, let people trust me is my job. I understand this. As I said, there are a lot of work to do, I am very excited to do these things.”

The giant first attack, the 3 gear conversion failed, abandoned the ball, but the steel man returned to Di Antai, Dionate Johnson, took off, and a giant brought back the ball. The giant is fortunate to attack the top 3 yards cheap jerseys from China the steel man’s side, but there is no chance to convert the chance of the steel person into a Dali, playing the ball Graham Gano hits 21 yards. Giants 3-0 steel people, first draw on the home.

However, the peak circuit turns, and the so-called “Light of Rivus” has never been in effect, and Tennei Xitan has never been true. With the end of the draft conference, Rivers and Lights finally started to reboot, Rivers himself also realized that their age and injuries did not allow them to have too much change, even if the Rivers “Strong” is called, I can always force the injury and contribute excellent performances.

“It is difficult to do so today, I don’t know how many things and the way they spread, but I don’t care about it,” Jones said. “I think it is necessary to pay attention to me. Many things must learn, I want to learn from attack tactics, I have to learn a lot of things. So, I am not sure I can really bear the consequences of critical care.”

After the steel man attacked no fruit, the defensive group first stood up, and the line guard TJ-Watt (T. J. Watt) copied the ball. After the steel person got the ball, the four-dimensional Weight-Rosrisberg (Ben Roethlisberger) 10 yards connected to the Juju Smith-Schuster completed Detailed , But playing the ball Boswell kicks the additional points. Steel people 9-10 giants are still behind.

Moore joined with Detri Jackson (D & # 39; QWELL JACKSON), Jerrell Freeman, Eric – Walden, Erik Walden and Trent Cole (Trent Cole) Ponylet guard position. If Moore is no longer injured, he will be a precious wealth for Xiao Malays.

Moore lost trust in the new coaching team of the raid. After the surgery was accepted in January, he missed all the training and partial training camp. In the preseason, he was mainly played in the special team. In the last preseason of the raid, he only came to nine.

Pony officially puts the old defensive end of the injury reserve list, before the seventh week of team coach Chake – Pagano, Pagano, Slang Ford will not return this season. Langfurt has been absent due to knees injury since the seventh week. At that time, he had already played 135 games in a row, which is the most in the active guard guard.

Saints finally keep up with the rhythm of the Packers score, punt hand over the ball. Packers get the ball to the smooth progress of the Saints 1 yards before the end zone, although the Saints defense was tenacious resistance group, but in the end unguarded tight end Robert – through Nepal (Robert Tonyan) ball 1 yard touchdowns, the saints Packers 37-27, the game first came to two points difference the ball.

Saints immediately responded with a touchdown, quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) 11-yard pass connection running back Alvin – Camara (Alvin Kamara) a touchdown, the Saints 7-3 packaging workers, go-ahead score.

The giant offensive group is still unable to score, running Saquon Barkley, Saquon Bark, is struggling today, the giant will give up and kick again. The steel man’s attack is a smooth water, and it is once again connected to the top of the number one after the top, and the steelman is 26-10 giants.

The two teams played inextricably, though the Packers 4-speed strong play after a video replay ruling has not been the first line of attack failed, but the Saints the ball back after Tatham versatile player – Hill (Taysom Hill) off the ball, Packers the ball back again by Cross 49 yards free kick hit ratio. Packers 30-27 Saints.

The attitude of Jones is of course correct. But it is easy to do to do it, especially when the three season giants have only achieved 8 wins and 24 negative records and fans are urgently desire to succeed.

Packers 32 pass quarterback aspect 21, 283 yards, 3 touchdowns; Jones running back 16 red balls advancing 69 yards, 1 red ball touchdowns; Lazard took over six times the ball forward 146 code, 1 touchdowns.

The problem of renewal of Rivers has always been a heavy topic since the break. Previously, it is not intentionally moved to Los Angeles in the future, which makes the contract of Rivos in the contract, repeatedly stressed that the team’s renewal requirements will not be accepted until the end of the contract, and enter the free player market. Compete. Then there was a message on lightning intentional deal to walk Rivers, and the relationship between the two parties was deadlocked. Some local reporters inquirmed what factors in March can let Rivus will continue to renew in advance, Rivers answer: “Honestly, no. I still have the last year, other I can’t control it. Maybe I will change my mind, but I seem to have too many uncertain factors. I don’t think there is anything that will make me renew in advance this year, and I even after the training camp. Not necessarily participating. “

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