If you find yourself currently addicted to World of Warcraft Classic

EsfandTV has been playing the heck out of WoW Classic since release like a true pro, but xQc has only dabbled in the re-release of the online sensation since it came out in August, though he has logged many hours in WoW before. For some reason a lot of players like to give streamers free money and equipment in WoW Classic (and other MMORPGs) https://www.mmobc.com/wow-classic-gold so Felix decided to take advantage https://www.mmobc.com of this to make his buddy EsfandTV some quick cash. xQc hasn’t played WoW Classic on his stream since the game released in August and this display of his trading talents probably isn’t a good sign he’ll return any time soon.

If you find yourself currently addicted to World of Warcraft Classic, then you might want to have a look at Logitech G’s latest mouse. Today the company revealed the G604 Lightspeed, stating that this new mouse is made with battle royale, MMO, and MOBA players in mind. Of course, one look at the mouse is enough to give that away, as it’s covered in buttons. World of Warcraft is one of those even if, confusingly enough, it’s taken the release of WoW Classic to bring back what a visionary experience this was and is.


WoW has arguably been a victim of its own success over the years, leaving Blizzard with the competing tasks of keeping the game accessible while serving an extremely large and dmmobcedicated player-base who in many cases have sunk years of their life into Azeroth. The specifics of any one feature aside, what this led to was accumulation: over 15 years of expansions and support, a game can gain a hell of a lot of cruft.

This great piece by Mike Fahey talks https://www.mmobc.com/wow-classic-gold about how WoW Classic has brought back the need to, y’know, interact with the wider community. Several of the factors he mentions, such as the fact https://www.mmobc.com early areas are once again challenging, also feed into the way you begin exploring the world. My buddy and I can handle the quests and it’s not like it’s hugely difficult, but at the same time if you’re careless and aggro more than a couple of enemies at once it can be big trouble. The final aspect of WoW Classic that ties everything together is the gryphons (or bats if you for some reason chose a Horde race). These large birds, which are much more widespread in modern WoW, appear only at select and very important locations.

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