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The raid person started four-point Guard Carr (DEREK Carr) was injured in the second section of the game and did not return. The coach Jack-Del Rio (Jack Del Rio) indicates that the X-ray examination results are not seriously injured.

Lawson signed a $ 45 million contract with the team in March this year, he originally served as the main outer rushing hand in the new defensive system of the jet. Lawson’s performance in the training camp is also very good. Now the jet needs to find a person who can open space. At present, last year’s fall of Bryce HUFF is the most chance.

In the past few seasons, Romo has been accused for their own fans in critical moments. However, this season, he and the denim are new. The team has maintained a winning since December, and Romo has completed 14 times, only by copying. In this game, Romo is in the first half of the game, and he is slightly struggling in front of the opponent’s strong rushing tactics. But in the second half, he brought the team to fight back. While controlling the mistake, complete a few key passes. In addition to the ball, Luo Mo is 6 minutes of 6 yards that do not have a retreat in 6 minutes left. His pass finally found close-end Arms, Jason Witten, laying the foundation for the subsequent score.

US time Wednesday, the team coach Kel-Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) told Mike McGlinchey to accept knee mirror Wholesale Jerseys surgery, which is expected to be absent from 4-6 weeks. In Monday 31-3 Shengbang’s competition, this two-year-old right cut offers 65 files in the 71stary of attacks, replaced by Daniel Brunskill after injury.

Romo believes that our current game is more smart and stabilized: “As long as the ball is still in us, we have the opportunity to score. I have to learn more smart, find the contact between teammates. In the case of backward, Everyone wants to score as soon as possible, but more importantly, you can’t give up, you have to go all out, grasp every opportunity. “

It is reported that as long as McCon can complete more than half of the attack tactical implementation, he can get $ 125,000 per game, in addition to the playoff and super bowl victory teams have rewards.

Pederson announced that his new crown virus detection results were positive, and he accepted it since then. He did not symptoms during testing, but it still has a slight symptom. When I was interviewed on August 3, Pederson said her own spirit and can manage the team.

Romo’s key sir, look forward to going to win

Dallas Cowboy 4 points Tony Romo is using practical actions to prove its value. In the outer cassette of the Detroit Lion, 2 minutes and 32 seconds left in the game, Romo took the Tailiams, the Terrance Williams, successfully, and took the reversal score. In the end, the cowboy also defeated the opponent at 24-20, and it took a round.

In fact, this victory is only the second playoffs in the Romo career, and the first victory since the 2009 season. Now, everyone is looking forward to dedicating a more exciting game with cowboy and green bay packaging. No team can ignore the current cowboy, fans believe that under the leadership of Romo, they can create more miracles. Romo also said that the cowboy is not afraid of any challenge, and they look forward to the more victory.

If Maijo is led by the team, he will receive $ 2 million. If he enters the super bowl, he will get $ 1.5 million. If he wins the super bowl, he will get $ 1.5 million. At present, we can determine that the jet this 5 million US dollars should be saved.

Romo said: “In the game with Viking people, I gave up too early. Now I understand that as long as the game is not over, everything is possible. What I want to say is that I need it in the game. Maintain confidence, calm, and go all out to the competition. It is very important to have a mistake. You have seen it, my pass is a lot, I must guarantee that the ball is not transmitted to the opponent. Even in pressure Next, I have to fight for every attack. “

The jet has never entered the playoff since 2010, McCahn is a 38-year-old old will be substitute four-point guard. His career has not substitute a seasons team, with a total record of 18 wins 42 burden.

In the interview after the game, Romo said that his last playoff, that is, 2010 is negative in the game of Minnesota, let him learn a lot. In that game, the cowboy fell as early as possible, and there was no way to control the situation in the chasing stage, and finally the big points were lost, and it was eliminated. This week, the lion was started at 14-0, forcing Romo to reach the situation in the situation.

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