iiNet troubleshooting Cannot receive the email

In the event that you can interface with the internet without any issues, however, can’t send or get an email, then the issue is well on the way to be one of few things. The customer needs to confirm the following conditions in order to verify the reason for not receiving an email which is given as below:

  • Modify the email server setting in case you are using multiple devices to access your emails.
  • In case you cannot access your account recover your credentials and access your emails.
  • Check if your emails are being deleted after being flagged as spam.
  • Check and disable the option for auto-forwarding the emails.
  • Scan your system for any vulnerabilities.
  • Modify the setting for your antivirus or firewall if it was blocking your emails.

After confirming and applying the solution which is given above, the customer must be able to receive their emails again. Please contact our iiNet Customer Service Number for any assistance related to your account.

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