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When you purchase an ij start canon printer, it usually comes with a DVD driver that you can install automatically  by simply double-clicking or running the setup.exe file on your computer or PC, and the printer driver will be installed automatically. Can be used for printing or printing. Second, what if the driver isn’t available on the printer? Are there any other driver files available in the form of  setup files? In this situation, you need to download it first. Second, this Canon.com/ijsetup is perfect for your favorite Canon printer driver.

Canon has a wide range of products such as printers, scanners and cameras. With such a large customer base, it is not easy to provide manuals and guides. Therefore, you can use the web address Canon ij setup to get full access to Canon Drivers Download. You should be aware of the steps and procedures when installing Canon Pixma or other printers on your printer. Learn how to manually complete the setup using the canon.com/ij setup. Download the manuals and drivers to fully install your Canon device. 

Canon ij Setup  Guide  

To install and run the Canon IJ Setup,  follow these steps: IJ Start Canon can be used for printing, scanning, network settings, and more. You can use this feature effectively by installing this package. 

Printer Driver Installation 

To install a regular printer driver, you can install the driver from the Start Setup Again on the setup CD-ROM that came with your printer, but if you don’t have one, you can download it from ijstart Canon. site. To install the XPS driver,  load the installation CD-ROM that came with your printer and select XPS Driver under Add Printer Software.

Specifying a Printer Driver  

To specify a printer driver,  you must first open the print dialog box for your application software  and  select “Canon X” (where “X” is the model name of your printer). .. Specify a regular printer driver, or select “Canon X XPS” (where “X” is the model name) to specify the XPS printer driver. 

Displays the printer driver manual

For a description of the Settings tab on the printer driver settings screen, click Help on that tab.

IJ Start Canon Utility Mac 

Learn how to manage the features of Canon IJPrinter Utility  on  Mac. What you can do with the IJ Print Utility. You can use this utility to perform tasks such as the following from your Mac: 

Print Test – Check the printhead condition and adjust the printhead position. 

Energy Settings – Monitor and change  printer power consumption. 

Ink Level Information – Use this feature to see the level of remaining ink  used.  

Silent setting – Adjusts the operating noise of the printer.

Custom Settings – Change printer settings.

Ink Cartridge Settings – Select the ink cartridge you want to use.  

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