Ij.start.cannon Setup & Installation for Canon Printer

You were given instructions in this post on how to setup a Canon printer both wired and wirelessly on a Windows and Mac computer via https //ij start cannon. to configure the printer. If, however, your Canon printer is not wirelessly capable, you will need to manually connect it to the network by obtaining an Ethernet cable. It’s crucial that your printer has an operational Ethernet connector for wired communications. Locate the Ethernet port on the printer; the exact location will depend on the printer model.

Please read your printer’s user manual if you can’t find the port. Now gently insert the cable into the printer’s Ethernet port. Setting up a connection between your printer and router for ij.start.canon setup is a straightforward procedure. It’s critical to install the most recent drivers. To find the most recent Canon IJ Setup Drivers, you must however be aware of your printer’s model number. To make this connection, you must have a router or modem in your home, and the access points must function properly. To set up this Canon ij on a computer or smartphone, you should have a device with an internet connection.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi with Your Cannon Printer

You must have a strong WiFi connection to your printer in order to access ij.start.canon. View the full-proof steps that are provided below:

  • The Canon driver is available for download at ij.start.canon.
  • Install the file and choose your connection type. Double-tap the file to choose between a USB or WiFi connection.
  • The Canon printer may be turned on by pressing the button.
  • By pushing the Power button, you must power on the printer in order to start the network configuration procedure. The power LED must be steady and completely green.
  • Press the Menu button once more, and the Network Settings page will appear.
  • You can choose from a variety of alternatives for connecting here. On your printer’s screen, select Wireless LAN Settings, and a pop-up box will appear. Tap OK.
  • Select Access Point after selecting the SSID Settings option. Choose the name of your preferred network and enter the WiFi security key.
  • Hold on until Connected appears on the printer’s screen. then click OK.

Step by Step Instructions for Installing the Printer Driver

The step-by-step instructions for successfully installing the Canon printer drivers are provided below. For the proper installation of the Canon printer driver, read the instructions very carefully. The step-by-step guide for installing printer drivers for the usa.canon.com setup is provided below:

  • You must first modify the file location. Access the download folder and run the downloaded file to complete the process.
  • Double-click on the ij.start canon setup programme to execute the file, or right-click it and select Run. The files will then begin extracting.
  • On your computer’s screen, you will see the Canon driver setup’s main interface. Once you’ve confirmed your selected language, you can use the programme to control your Canon printer. Next, click.
  • Enable the software package’s desired checkboxes. Make sure your computer has enough space for the Canon printer driver before you start the download. Next, click.
  • A window with the software licence agreement will appear. The statements of the software agreement are available for reading. The installation process will begin once you click Accept.
  • It’s time to test the printer’s functionality after the Canon printer driver has been successfully installed. To do this, issue a few Canon printer commands and print a page.
  • Make sure that there are some A4-sized pages in your printer tray, then click the execute button to start printing.
  • The driver setup using ij.start.cannon is now complete.

ij.start Canon method to Setup a Canon inkjet printer

Setup a Canon inkjet printer using the ij.start.canon website. To begin configuring your Cannon iJ printer, follow the instructions shown below.

  • Open your computer or laptop first, then connect your Canon ink jet printer to it or any other wireless device (in case you have a canon wireless device)
  • Launch your web browser, type https://ij.start.canon or ij.start.canon in the address field, and press Enter.
  • Your browser will launch the Canon website, where you may learn about how to set up a Canon inkjet printer.
  • You will be prompted to enter your printer model number in a new window that opens after you click the configure icon and wait a little while.
  • To install the setup, type in the model number of your Canon printer and press Enter.

What features define the best Canon printers?

You should be aware that Canon manufactures and offers a large number of printer models. But there are some similarities across the models as well as significant differences that set them apart from one another. Therefore, let’s first give you a few reasons (consistent with every printer) to choose Canon before we go on to explain how crucial installing the printer drivers on IJ Start Canon is:

  • The output on paper has a stunning print resolution.
  • For your printing needs, it contains two ink cartridges: one black and one coloured.
  • It has excellent monochrome and colour print speeds.
  • Depending on the type, the photo print speed for borderless prints may vary.
  • It enables borderless printing as the default for all printouts.
  • Even faultless two-sided printing is an option for users.

Understanding the steps of the printer driver installation procedures

The Canon printer drivers have now been successfully downloaded and installed. Now is the appropriate moment to perform the installation process for the same. You may install Canon printer drivers by following the steps below:

  • If you didn’t specify the file location for downloading them, you would need to do this to access your “Downloads” folder to run the files. To begin extracting the files as soon as possible, double-click the Canon print Driver setup file and select “Run” from the menu that appears.
  • The Canon driver Setup will appear on your screen, where you must confirm the language of your choosing before continuing with the software’s next operations to control your Canon Printer Setup. Once you’ve made your decision, click “Next” to continue.
  • Therefore, this is the stage where you connect your computer and wireless Canon printer. You have the option of connecting them both wirelessly or through a USB port. After finishing the connecting process, you must choose your printer model, which will provide a selection of available drivers and additional applications.
  • After making sure that your computer has adequate capacity to download the printer drivers, go to turning on all of the package’s suggested checkboxes. After that, select the “Next” button and continue to the “ij Start Cannon” tab to configure it.
  • You must make sure that you carefully read the License Agreement window when presented with it in order to prevent future hiccups. Ij.start.cannon will automatically start the installation process for the chosen printer drivers as soon as you accept it.
  • When it is finished, start evaluating the driver setup process’s effectiveness. To accomplish this, print a test page. Place some A4 printing paper in the tray and start the project. The arrangement will have been successful if you receive a favourable result.


The Ij.Start.Canon is all about setting up drivers, making connections, and producing prints. It covers the Canon printer’s downloading, installation, connection, and setup. Follow the instructions above to learn how to physically or wirelessly connect a printer to a device. For those who are unable to download the driver or use the printer to connect using a driver, this might be useful.


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