I’ll educate people on the glitch in pvp

I tried convincing him that O.N. I tried to OSRS Accounts convince my friend that O.N. was dead IRL however he kept asking if he had lost GP. I explained to him that he had lost his black pickaxe as well as dragon platebody. Conversation will be uploaded soon. Do you believe that runescape is as welcoming as ever? Or is it more or less friendly?

Personaly, I am prone to overlook people and try to see the world through their eyes. They believe they are awesome and intelligent, which makes them dumb. I am annoyed when they do stupid things and want to punch them. Many people don’t know that it is an EFFIN GAMES. When i receive an A in algebra 2, and they are getting a D- in remidial math, they will be laughing because THEY are fighting 110 times.

Disclaimer – These stupid glitches are not my doing. I personally have 150 million+ of assets. SO people saying I cheat and such Please die. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!Pew pew pew, since I haven’t posted for a month, because I am very inactive with runescape currently. I’ll educate people on the glitch in pvp. The topic host did not alert people to the bannings since this is what’s really taking place.

The glitch is fixed, so idiots don’t even try me. The issue People kept dying with the potential and supposedly lost “300k” every death, while earning profits from it.

Fortunately, Jagex did discover about it (Yes they’re extremely very very extremely slow in identifying certain bugs). The banhammer was discovered shortly after the easter. The banhammer advised that people could not be at work on Tuesday because of the risk of being banned.was initially noticed by a few of Buy OSRS Fire Cape my friends. With time increasing numbers of people began to notice it.

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