Illnesses due to exam or any other stress and their Ayurvedic treatment

Dr. Yuva Iyer

Ayurvedic Physician

 Illnesses due to exam or any other stress and their Ayurvedic treatment

The period between the end of winter and the onset of warmer days is a pleasant one in terms of weather. Relieving the intense winter cold, the outdoor atmosphere becomes tolerable in the open air. Even nature blooms with flowers. But in terms of Ayurveda, this period is called the ‘Ritusandhi’ period between the coolness of winter and the heat of summer. During which the possibility of disease increases due to coldness in the morning and night and heat and sun rays during the day. Ayurveda calls the spring season the period of Kapha eruption. Even though the cold is getting less and less but the phlegm accumulated in the body due to the coldness of winter is able to spread in the respiratory system, digestive system, skin etc. As it goes, the burden on the mind increases. A few months before the exam, students are troubled by many minor problems like stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, irregularity in appetite, poor digestion. Not only the students but also the parents of the students are victims of problems like insomnia, eczema, frequent cold-fever, high blood pressure, palpitation due to socio-economic reasons.

  • A question that requires common sense thinking can understand stress, anxiety or depression due to the tension of the result approaching the exam. But are irregularities in appetite and digestion, diarrhoea, cold-fever etc. related to physical diseases and exam stress?

In short, based on the principle of Tridosh and Panchamahabhuta of Ayurveda, any event or physical-mental activity that causes mental stress for a long period of time results in Atiyoga and Heenyoga of Satvatmandriyas. Sattva means mind, Atma means our conscious element and Indriya means sense organs such as eyes, ears, nose and hands and feet etc. Thus, when ‘Sattwatmandriya’ is properly developed, the activity brings the right result and the body or mind is not harmed, but when there is more than necessary time, at the wrong time, more than necessary contemplation and continuation of the same type of activity, then ‘Sattwatmandriya’ occurs. The side effects of atiyoga or hienyoga increase the possibility of adverse effects on the various functions of the mind like thinking, understanding, memorizing-feeling etc. Or those who are suppressing the disease or who are not able to function of those bodily organs are more likely to develop related diseases.

Be it students and their parents taking important exams, students preparing for competitive exams, students wanting to study abroad or in the present day stress has become very common, in some special cases even primary school students and mothers also suffer from stress and related ailments during the exam season. They are victims.

Indigestion caused by mental ball, the basic cause of minor problems caused by exam stress is Vayu dosha disorder because when the place of various physical and mental activities in life is limited to exam preparation or some stressful activities, physical activities decrease. Life becomes sedentary which directly affects digestion. Deterioration of Vayu due to indigestion, constipation and irregularity of appetite, decreased immunity, anxiety-depression, insomnia, irritable bowl movement IBS, frequent belching, pain in hands, feet or back, headaches, migraine-sinusitis, etc.

Modern science also states that there is a direct connection between digestion and mind-brain activity, which is why the small intestine has been called the second brain. The connection between Gut and Brain is called Gut brain axis. It is called ENS-Enteric Nervous System. This has been proved by various research findings.

Different neurotransmitters produced by the brain like serotonin, dopamine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid is produced. These chemicals are useful for maintaining mood. Things that affect the brain also affect the gut, so conversely what affects the gut affects the brain. Hence, constant mental burden, exam stress, fear of getting bad results or future college admission, job etc. depending on the result in the exam, side effects of psycho-biochemical process can cause irregularity in body digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep etc. .

  • What does Ayurveda suggest? A simple formula like a panacea for many miseries is very ironic ‘Ati Sarvatra Varjayet’. Accepting the reality keeping in mind one’s aptitude, ability and weakness for study, examination, business etc. activity necessary for life and future happiness and progress.An activity done with extra effort or hope can only be a slippery slope. Proper planning of time and energy. Study, hunger-sleep-physical activity, sports-reading, music-dance-swimming-yoga etc. to prepare for the exam with various activities that keep the body-mind active and fresh. To remove the fury of the air
  • Eat fresh, hot, juicy, ghee-milk-buttermilk-fruit-salad-vegetable-soup-almonds-walnuts-dry fruits-dates-figs at regular intervals.
  • Buttermilk- after eating thin buttermilk made from cow’s milk, sprinkle roasted cumin seeds and drink it.
  • Dasmool Kwath, Ashwagandha-Pepperroot mixture, e.g


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