iManage Financial DMS

What do MacroAgility consultants offer our clients? A customized iManage product that is tailored specifically for them and designed to operate across all use cases. And full support of our solutions and products post-delivery. iManage Financial DMS

Financial Industry

Financial firms are especially document-rich environments. Traditionally, the processing of this seemingly unending stream of paper resulted in a significant burden on a firm’s payroll.

iManage developed their work and share email and document management system specifically for organization and fast, accurate document and data processing. In the context of financial firm usage, the system directs data flow, automates calculations, and facilitates collaborative efforts and sharing.

Best Features

If the barometer of a firm’s competitive potential is its productivity, iManage Work 10 and Share collectively represent the most relevant business software innovation available.

iManage DMS implementation makes manual processing historic. Its smart features streamline collaborative efforts and email communications. And the paperless nature of the system improves bottom-line performance and helps a firm achieve a greener footprint.

The Benefits

Improved productivity

A single integrated view combining email documents and workspaces provides employees with a standardized, comfortable h ome base that is intuitive to work with.

Automation of manual processes harvests countless wasted work hours.

AI-driven engine smart search develops in concert with your firm’s work habits, patterns, and processes, learning along the way. Work 10’s comprehensive artificial intelligence-driven search feature scans masses of documents for complex criteria-related results, making locate-and-collate tasks quick and easy.

Streamlined migration to paperless operation

Going paperless is an organizational best-case, and an eco-friendly gesture that saves money and appeals strongly to many contemporary clients. iManage makes it a seamless and natural evolution.

Reimagined security

Tell your clients they can rest easy. Their critical and confidential data—and your own—are secured according to pre-set regulation and policy criteria. iManage Work Consultants

Enhanced communication

Communicate and collaborate with clients and coworkers easily and securely. The responsive design and instant cross-platform accessibility of Work 10 and Share gives you the ability to communicate from any device, and from anywhere.

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