iManage Services

Reimagine the potentiality of your law firm, corporate legal firm or financial firm with the iManage artificial intelligence-enabled Email and Document Management system.

MacroAgility Services

MacroAgility Systems is a full service provider that develops tailor-made cost-effective iManage DMS solutions. We understand the unique and complex needs of each client, regardless of size. Our goal is to empower every firm with iManage implementation by providing them with an innovative, integrated service matrix for broadly increased productivity and net margin. iManage Services

MacroAgility is a consultancy firm that specializes in delivering customized DMS services that enhance the operational performance of law firms, Corporate Legal Department and financial firms around the globe. We work with both private and public sector companies.

Our mission is to provide fundamental professional work product efficiency solutions with absolute reliability and a full suite of support. And we’ve followed through, becoming a trusted partner for our clients; we have established and sustained a 100% success rate from launch. iManage corporate legal

Our team’s extensive technical expertise and years of experience working with the iManage DMS platform ensures fast response, service confidence and quick delivery. Our consultants specialize in upgrade, matter-centricity, customized system integration, and custom development for clients desiring to release full iManage Document Management System potentiality within the unique operations structure of their firm.

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