iManage Work Consultants

MacroAgility’s Consulting Service is the heart of the company. We are experts in putting the comprehensive benefits designed into the iManage artificial intelligence-enabled DMS to work on an individual, client-by-client basis.

Consulting Service

MacroAgility’s extensive, deep-level experience aligning iManage artificial intelligence-enabled Document Management System products and individual end-users positions us as a source of resolution confidence for all our clients.

Our consultancy team has deep experience optimizing the iManage DMS for law firms, corporate legal firms and financial firms like yours. We can recommend, plan, design, implement and deliver a cost-effective, bespoke iManage implementation, integration or support solution for any operational landscape. iManage Implementation

Productivity is the watchword of our time. Consult with us to find out how you can convert out-of-the-box iManage functionality to an ideal DMS solution that will boost your firm’s productivity by improving staff-system interaction efficiency.

MacroAgility Consultancy Benefits

Off-the-rack iManage software represents an absolute boon for legal firms, corporate legal firms and financial firms. MacroAgility was founded to help firms interested in exploring full iManage DMS potential to tailor the system to their own unique operational needs. iManage legal software

The emergence of iManage Work 10 brings the possibility of almost limitless custom functionality and a highly firm-specific feature set. The level of system integration now possible raises the productivity bar even further. For Cloud, mobile, and distributed data contexts, the potential of this artificial intelligence-driven document management system application is extraordinary.

Our consultants have made their careers on knowing how to fully realize iManage DMS and Work 10 potential for all our clients. And we pride ourselves on our record of on-time delivery and inventive reconciliation of quality and cost-effectiveness.

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