Impact of COVID-19 on Food Delivery Industry

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus is affecting different countries worldwide with an upsurge in the number of cases with each passing day. This outbreak has impacted different sector industries. One such industry is the food delivery and ordering segment. People are not able to order their food from an app similar to zomato because every restaurant and cafe is closed. 

Corona and food delivery

Across the world, lock-down and social distancing is being practiced to break the chain of this threatening virus. This has led to a decrease in business revenues to a lot of extent. The restaurants, cafes, hotels are being shut down to keep people safe from the spread of the virus. Moreover, even the shopping malls and other public places are fully locked down. 


With the increase of social distancing practice, the food ordering and food delivery industry are the ones facing a huge decline in revenues. The cops are preventing the food delivery executive from delivering the food order so as to follow the guidelines of social distancing. It is also important to follow government instructions to keep people safe from such terrifying viruses. The food delivery app development services are also facing a decrease in such clients currently. 

Let’s talk about the impact of COVID-19 on restaurants and cafes: 


The increasing number of coronavirus cases has made people aware of eating healthy food at home. It will not be wrong to say that a food delivery executive’s life will be at risk if he goes to deliver food to the infected area of a particular city. This is another main reason why online food delivery and ordering businesses are watching a decreasing trend with each passing day during this outbreak.


People are also fully focussed on hygiene these days to remain healthy and safe. So, they have begun to cook food at home during this lockdown period.

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The reason why lockdown has been imposed is to keep many people safe from the spread of this virus and for supporting doctors and other healthcare professionals working day and night in such conditions. 



Since the increase of lockdown worldwide, the supply chain is impacted badly because people working for delivering food are being banned from performing their duty because restaurants and hotels are closed. This has caused food app developers to face a reduction in clients to a large scale.

Different factors how COVID-19 is impacting food delivery industry:


1 Social distancing is important: 


Since it is said that the chain of this virus is broken by practicing social distancing. People are now getting aware of cooking healthy at home and avoiding restaurant food. Furthermore, food delivery executives also know the harmful results of coronavirus and this has made them too quarantined to remain healthy and safe during this outbreak. 


2 Foot outlets are shut due to lockdowns: 


Different food outlets worldwide are being shut due to lockdown. The number of food delivery orders are decreasing slowly because people are not ordering food from outside. Since restaurants are not operating, that’s why food delivery executives are not visiting restaurants to deliver food order. This also led to reduction in the restaurant business to a lot of extents. 


3 To keep people safe and healthy is the need of the hour: 


Governments have taken strict measures to keep people quarantined at homes so that the coronavirus chain will be broken. This also applies to people working in restaurants, food industry, and also delivery executives. All such measures are making a huge impact on the food ordering and delivery industry. But, the major concern of the government is to keep the country’s people safe and not be infected from this disease outbreak. 

Closing Thoughts: 


So, now you know how Covid-19 has affected the food delivery industry around the globe. It is so much important to stay safe and healthy for the people worldwide. It is rightly said that, “health is wealth”. Therefore, staying quarantined is essential in this pandemic. This will enable everyone to fight with coronavirus. There will again be a rising trend in food delivery app development, once this global disease outbreak ends. Till then, it is crucial to stay safe at home.

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