Implant Retained Lower Dentures

If you are struggling with movement of your lower denture, implant retained lower dentures may be the answer.

While the upper denture relies on suction to stay in place, in many cases the lower denture has no suction and sits on the lower jaw by way of its own weight and ability of the tongue to help the denture stay put. Most denture wearers adjust to this change but for some the lower denture can be problematic.

The solution to this is securing the lower denture by way of implants inserted in the lower jaw. The corresponding components are incorporated into the lower denture, clipping it firmly in place, allowing you to eat whatever you like with the confidence that the denture will not move in your mouth. The denture can still be removed for ease of cleaning. Dentures Christchurch

Denture Repairs

There is no need to panic if your denture is breaks. In most cases we can repair it for you on the same day within 2 to 3 hours.

SR Ivocap

SR Ivocap by Ivoclar Vivadent is a unique system that permits your denture technician to fabricate high quality, better fitting, and longer lasting dentures. Using this system, your dentures are processed using continuous heat and injection pressure. This limits shrinkage and achieves excellent strength. What does this mean for you? A great fitting denture! Denture Prices NZ

Benefits include less chance of irritation, lower chance of fracture, high comfort levels, and longer lasting dentures.

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