Importance and Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in St Albans

dental implants in St Albans

Losing or missing a tooth can be very distressing for a person. Although dental care is available, it is possible to suffer from periodontal illnesses or injuries. It is where dental implants come to play.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Healthy teeth have a bite force exerted by your teeth into your jaw that sustains the density of the bone. This force decreases when you lose a tooth, and the affected area suffers bone loss. It further leads to teeth shifting, facial structure changes, discomfort while chewing, etc.

The area where the tooth is missing also becomes a nest for bacterial growth leading to further decay of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants in St Albans help to prevent the mentioned problems. They offer sufficient biting force to maintain bone density. The filling of the gap also prevents any other periodontal diseases.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants?

Listed below are the benefits of getting online dental implants in St Albans to tell you why getting them is a better option.

Function Similarly To Natural Teeth

You can chew and bite your tooth like normal healthy teeth in the same way you did before tooth loss. Dental implants give natural teeth a natural feel and are just as secure.

Help Avoid Gum Disease.

A missing tooth can lead to bacterial growth, leading to gum disease. Dental implants help keep your gum free from these diseases.

Help To Prevent Bone Loss.

When there is no stimulation on your jaw bone, it can lead to bone deterioration. Lack of teeth in that area leads to progressive bone loss over the following years.

The use of dentures can even accelerate this process. Dental implants successfully restore the bone’s growth to normal through stimulation.

Have Lifetime Durability

The material that is used to make dental implants is titanium. This material is bio-compatible and non-toxic. It also easily integrates with the jawbone. It makes it more successful and long-lasting.

Protect Saggy Skin And Premature Ageing

Missing teeth can cause facial sagging due to bone loss. It can cause the collapse of the facial structure. Excessive wrinkles can all result in a person appearing much older than their true age.

Why Getting Dental Implants A Better Option Than Dentures?

Although expensive, dental implants are more sustainable than dentures. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to replace them after a limited period. Dentures don’t offer biting force and hence, do not maintain your bone density or structure. Dentures are neither made from long-lasting materials like titanium implants and must be changed.

An implant is secure and doesn’t slip out like dentures or cause speaking issues. They do not cover the roof of the mouth or affect eating activities. Dentures also promote bone loss and can collapse facial structure. Taking care of implants is also as simple as that of natural teeth by flossing and regular brushing.


Finding a solution for a missing tooth is necessary if you want to prevent the worsening of your oral health. Dental implants in St Albans can help prevent bone loss and other periodontal diseases. They are also long-lasting and non-toxic. Although they last a lifetime, taking care of your implants and maintaining oral hygiene is necessary.

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