We all know the importance of certificate attestation in the UAE. Many of us wish to go abroad to get a job, pursue higher education, or live with our family abroad. It requires many documents that are authentically verified by the concerned authorities.


Suppose you want to go abroad for education. In that case, you should submit some documents, including your educational qualification certificates, your birth certificate, which proves your age and date of birth, your visa, your passport, and many more.


Sometimes, when someone wants to go abroad for any purpose, they also want to submit some documents, including a birth certificate, a degree certificate attestation, a death certificate attestation, a marriage certificate attestation, and many more.


This article will discuss the importance of birth certificate attestation in the UAE.




A birth certificate is a document that includes the records authorities will file a birth certificate filed by the authorities only after usually of a child. Normally, a birth certificate contains the name of the baby, the name of the parents, the gender of the child, the date of birth of the child, the religion of the child, and also the area of labour. The place of birth can be the hospital’s name, its location, or the district.


According to the UN, all children should have their name and nationality on their birth certificates.


A “birth certificate” is evidence of a person’s identity to reveal or show who they are. A birth certificate is also a privileged birth certificate.


The certificate of birth is required when you want to obtain some identification, such as a national ID card, driving licence, passport, school registration, and many more.




  • For getting a driving licence


A birth certificate should be submitted to get a driver’s license.


  • Getting married


Another purpose of a birth certificate is to get married; it’s crucial. You have to submit the birth certificate to get a marriage certificate.


  • For travelling abroad


Like a visa, passport, and educational qualification certificate, a birth certificate is also essential to travel abroad or to foreign countries.


  • For school registration and to replace the social security card


If your child wants to get a degree, you must have an education and submit a birth certificate as proof because it includes all of their important details. It’s also essential for updating the social security card of a person.


Now we will move on to learn about the birth certificate attestation procedure. We have already discussed what a birth certificate is and its primary importance.




A birth certificate attestation is essential for getting a resident visa, an education, and a job in the UAE. The birth certificate attestation includes different government departments in the home country and the country where the certificate is to be used. First of all, the certificate should be verified or confirmed by the notary public. Then it should be attested by the external affairs or the foreign affairs of the person’s home country. The next step is to get an attestation from the home country’s embassy. The final step is to get them from the MOFA attestation Dubai or the ministry of foreign affairs attestation Dubai, in the UAE.


When you try to get the birth certificate attestation, you should ensure that you have submitted the required documents, such as the original birth certificate issued by the concerned authorities, passport copies, a passport-size photograph, etc. So if you are going abroad, especially to the UAE, you should know the importance of your birth certificate. It will be easy to meet the requirements for the birth certificate attestation. Anyway, all the best!

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