Importance of coaching and mentoring at the workplace

Coaching and mentoring work together in the workplace and can give both the employer and the employee a whole range of benefits. When workers are more self-directed and develop better communication and problem-solving skills, these will pay long term dividends. This helps a company to become more innovative and concentrate its attention, not on training but growth.

The article will show you that in many organisations, coaching and mentoring services are becoming common in the workplace.

Usually, coaching has a fixed timeframe and is more organised in nature, with daily meetings scheduled. It also includes concentrating on setting out priorities and fulfilling the employee’s basic needs.

Mentoring is also a longer relationship between an experienced person, the instructor, and the less experienced, the mentee or junior worker. Sometimes, mentors give advice and teach the mentee what to do and how to do it.

What are the benefits of coaching and mentoring on employees?

  • Self-development: Coaching and mentoring can not only help employees interact and learn within their business, but also allow them to grow together on their career path.
  • Positive workplace: Coaching will make an individual feel more relaxed with management promoting open communication, which leads to a more productive work atmosphere. Many companies nowadays hire a celebrity coach to mentor their executives to strike this balance.
  • Improved relationships: By receiving feedback and perspective through coaching and mentoring, employees can feel more comfortable in the workplace and enhance their view of themselves.
  • More motivated: Employees who are coached or mentored will feel respected and involved in this because someone gives them their time and experience to support. It will also help them discover their inspiration by tapping into their core values.
  • Highlight skills: Coaching and mentoring enable latent abilities to come to the fore, leading to enhanced knowledge and problem-solving application. Most companies ensure to impart media training as it helps the executives to be the spokesperson of a company.
  • Life skills: When an employee is coached or mentored, they will have life skills which gets translated into their personal lives.
  • Job satisfaction: The chance of coaching or mentoring others will improve the coach or mentor’s morale and job satisfaction.

What are the advantages to the employer of coaching and mentoring?

  • Improved retention: Employees will be loyal when being trained and mentored, which is why the retention of staff will be higher. Also, getting a coaching and mentoring system in place would be considered an advantage when recruiting new employees.
  • Better team performance: Coaching and mentoring will strengthen staff, department and whole company. These approaches make it easier for managers to recognise each employee’s weaknesses and strengths, which in turn would allow the entire team to function efficiently through any absence of staff.

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