Importance Of Organic Manure Compost To Yield Your Crops

Livestock manure is considered to be an important fertilizer specifically in organic as well as maintainable soil management. It is generally used in a blend with other sustainable performs.

These mainly include cover cropping, crop rotation, liming, green manuring, and the combination of other biologically or natural friendly fertilizers. So, it is generally known to be an important Organic Manure Compost.

More Information Regarding This

  • In organic production, the manure is generally applied to the field in a raw state or else in a composted state. The raw manure is known to be an important resource for the production of organic crops.
  • It helps to supply organic matter and nutrients to the soil by effectively stimulating the biological processes in the soil. In turn, it helps to build fertility.
  • But, in this regard, it is very important to follow different cautions and restrictions based on concerns regarding food contamination, produce quality, weed problems, soil fertility imbalances along with hazards of pollution.
  • It is important to note that, some manures may even contain contaminants like antibiotics, residual hormones, disease organisms, pesticides, and other undesirable substances.
  • In this regard, many of these contaminants are generally eliminated with the help of high temperature aerobic composting. This specific practice is generally recommended at the places where there is the presence of low levels of organic contaminants.
  • One should necessarily take caution during the process. This is because the research demonstrated that E.coli and Salmonella can survive the process of composting. Therefore, sometimes, the possibility of transmitting human diseases increases which discourages the usage of fresh manures.
  • In this regard, it is advised to apply animal manures at least 60 days before the harvesting process. If possible, it is important to avoid manuring after planting. Cat, dog or pig manures whether fresh or composted should be strictly avoided. This is specifically because these species share many parasites with humans.
  • Before usage, it is important to wash all the products specifically from the manured fields. Persons who are susceptible to foodborne illnesses should necessarily avoid uncooked produce.
  • As the organic manure does not lower the quality of soil, and so, it is considered to be the best choice in the current days.

Final Words

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