Importance of Umrah from a Religious Point of View

Umrah is the religious worship of Muslims and is a great blessing of Allah for Muslims. It has many other worships in it that make it great worship. All the doings of Umrah are also worthy and combine to make Umrah a great worship. Umrah consists of Nawafil, Namaz, Ziarah, Sa’eey and many other great worships that bring Muslims close to Allah. All these worships make the faith of a Muslim strong. Umrah Experts offers cheap Hajj and Umrah packages for their Muslim brothers.

Why Umrah is performed?

Muslims perform Umrah in the most famous and beloved places of this world only for achieving the happiness and consent of Allah. It is not obligatory in Islam because Islam cares about those who cannot afford expenses. It is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet and is extra act in Islam for getting close to Allah. Muslims perform this worship because of its unimaginable advantages. Some of these advantages are explained below:

For getting rid of sins:

Muslims perform this holy worship for getting rid of sins. According to the saying of Holy Prophet it washes away all the sins of a person. It gives a chance to start new and pure life. A person becomes like a new born baby without any sin.

Visit of holy sites:

Umrah provides a chance to visit holy sites that are present Makkah and Madinah. These sites have good attachment with the Prophet of Allah. These places are most blessed and whosoever visits these places with the intention of Umrah becomes close to Allah. These holy places are named as Makkah and Madinah and many other places in these two cities.

Unity of Muslims:

It is the only worship like Hajj that gathers Muslims from all the parts of world at a single place. It is responsible for making the Muslims unite. Muslims belonging to different casts, creeds, countries and speaking different languages gather at a single place. It makes all of them very simple and creates a special kind of love among all the Muslims. They come to know one another and also develop connection among them.


Umrah is the worship that creates simplicity among all the Muslims because of wearing a simple white dress. It consists of two simple unstitched clothes therefore it rises the sense of humility among Muslims.

Whole journey as a learning process:

Whole journey becomes learning process for all the Muslims because Muslims abide by the Islamic rules during this journey. Muslims remain pious during the journey of Umrah and it becomes the learning journey. In whole journey meeting with other Muslims becomes beneficial and adds to our knowledge when we talk with them.

Guest of Allah and equal to Jihad:

Performer of Umrah becomes the guest of sole Creator of this world. Whatever he needs, he borrows it from Allah and Allah becomes happy when a His man goes to His Home. He becomes happy and as a hospitality blesses His man.

Performing of Umrah is also equal to Jihad according to the saying of Holy Prophet. In short there are many benefits of Umrah t