Importance Of Using Mosquito Spray For Kids

Mosquitoes are known to be disease carriers and can make kids feel unhappy. While kids most have mild reactions to mosquito bites, some can fall sick. One way to protect your child from mosquitoes is to use a ​mosquito spray for home​ and outside when she/he plays. Other ways of avoiding mosquitoes are:

● Avoid wearing open footwear like sandals

● Wear light-coloured clothing that covers the kid’s arms and legs

● Avoid being near to places where mosquitoes breed and live

● Clear up any water left open at home or in the garden

● Cover the stroller or cot swing with a fine mosquito netting

● Keep windows or doors closed most of the time

However, this is all too much for a parent to remember at all times while handling a baby or a kid. Through this article, we share vital information with you on mosquito repellent sprays to establish the importance of using them for kids.

Types Of Mosquito Repellent Sprays

Mosquito repellent sprays come in many different formulations, including liquids, sprays, creams etc. Some are made with chemicals (DEET) and some are made with natural ingredients. It is important to remember, a mosquito repellent prevents bites from mosquitoes but not from stings by bees or wasps.

About DEET

DEET is a chemical used in making chemical-based mosquito sprays. The amount of DEET in a mosquito spray varies from product to product. It may range from <10% to 30% in different products but >30% doesn’t offer any extra protection.

Therefore, it is important to read the label of the mosquito spray before using it on your baby or kid. If it is a DEET formulated mosquito repellent spray, make sure it should not contain more than 30% DEET before spraying it on a kid over the age of 12 years. If it is a 2 months old baby, do not use mosquito repellent spray with DEET on him/her.

Natural Mosquito repellent Spray

Thankfully, there are natural repellents made with essential oils derived from plant-based ingredients and these are 100% safe for babies, kids and the environment as well. While you may have to apply these a little more frequently than DEET mosquito repellent sprays, there is a peace of mind that it will not be harmful to your baby or kid in any way. These are proven to repel mosquitoes while providing a soothing fragrance and effect on your baby or kid’s skin. Some of these natural ingredients are citronella oil, peppermint oil or lemongrass oil.

How To Safely Use A Mosquito Repellent Spray?

● Carefully read the label and follow the instructions to apply
● Use just enough spray to cover your kid’s skin, except his/her face
● Do not spray on you kid’s cuts, wounds or irritated skin
● Help your kid in applying the mosquito repellent spray
● At first, spray it on your hands before spraying it on your kid
● Spray the repellent in an open area to avoid your kid breathing it in
● Do not apply your kid’s hands to avoid her from rubbing it into her mouth or eyes

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