Important Bathroom and Toilet accessories for Old Age care

As age advances, we reduce some capacities such as vision, balance, or mobility. Therefore, knowing it, it is time to make some changes in the home, adapt the space to the new situation, and prevent future problems.

With this, the most difficult task to do in our daily chores is to care for the bathroom. Let’s see what is accessories and treatments are available to ease the bathroom movements for the elderly:

1.Adequate accessories for commode:

The bathroom furniture should facilitate movement around the room. If, for example, you have a small closet or drawer, it could be placed high, to increase space, and to access them comfortably. Accessories, such as a towel rack, shower stool, toilet seat raiser, etc. could also be placed at the appropriate height so that they make it easier to sit and safely to the activity with total accessibility.

2.Non-slippery floor:

The non-slip material for the floor is essential to avoid slipping or falling. These types of materials allow you to access the bathroom in complete safety and autonomy. For example, one type of material is embossed ceramic that prevents the accumulation of moisture on the floor and ensures every step you take.

Apart from this type of material, always use a urination bottle which helps in keeping the urine in a container and stops from spilling all over. This will give you the security of being able to maintain your hygiene autonomously and independently for as long as possible and if the situation allows it.

3.Adapted toilet covers:

Using an adapted cover over the toilet frame makes it easier to bend down and stand up without straining your knees or hips. You can, for example, install a toilet seat raiser to achieve the appropriate height (perfect height so that it does not hinder you in using it and that your feet touch the ground or place grab bars or handholds to help you sit and lift).

4.Showers stools for the elderly:

The showers stool adapted for the elderly is essential when mobility is reducing. Although you have a shower at ground level, made of non-slip material and with specific aids, you still need shower stools for extra protection. Stool for the shower are an essential technical aid when it is difficult for us to stand for a while. If this is your case, you can place a chair in the shower, seat, or stool.

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