Important Breast Implant Surgery Questions Answered

Breast implants in Mumbai, India

A woman loves her body and has certain aspirations for how she would like it to look like. Having well-endowed breast is something most women are proud about. But not everyone is born with a perfect set of breast. Most women long to have body parts that suit your image or at least looks good. While push up bras and other alternatives might work for a while, they don’t help in the long run. That’s is why breast implants surgery is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. If you are thinking about undergoing a breast implants surgery, here are a few pertinent questions you must ask in order to get the results you seek.

 Am I the right candidate?

Appropriate breast enhancement candidates generally include women who desire larger, more voluminous breasts or seek to achieve a subtle lift throughout the breasts and/or to correct breast asymmetry. If you are in overall good mental and physical health, not currently pregnant and have realistic expectations for the outcome of breast augmentation surgery, you are the right candidate.

What size should I choose?

The size you choose should be determined post consultation with your surgeon. It is a decision to be taken with your own wishes and aspirations into consideration. But ensure that your demands are justified and not unrealistic. Having too big implants is not attractive and having smaller ones defeats the purpose. Choose wisely.

What is better saline or silicone?

Saline breast implants are packed with sterile salt water. Saline breast implants give a consistent figure, firmness, and feel. Whereas Silicone breast implants are packed with silicone gel, which feels a bit more like natural breast tissue.  This is an area that your plastic surgeon might be able to help you with.

What is the recovery like?

Initially, the breasts may feel tender, sore or numb, but patients can take the pain medications prescribed by the surgeon to alleviate any discomfort. The treatment area may also be swollen, firm-feeling, bruised or red, but these are normal symptoms that will gradually subside. During the follow-up appointments, the surgeon will monitor the patient’s progress, including checking on the absorbable stitches used during surgery, which should dissolve on their own within two to four weeks, and letting the patient know when it is safe to resume more vigorous activities, including exercise.

When can I see the results?

Breast enchantment surgery results are immediately visible. Over time, post-surgical swelling will subside and incision lines will fade. Satisfaction with your new image should continue to grow as you fully recover from surgery. In order to achieve the desired results, the post-operative instructions must be adhered to and you must return for follow-up visits.

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