Important Details to Keep In Mind Before Buying Delivery Bags


There are some crucial details that can make or harm the quality of the best food delivery bag. Having these in mind, you can ensure customer satisfaction and quality. Here are some crucial facts bear in mind before buying a proper food delivery bag for your restaurant or food delivery business.

A Delivery Bag Tailored to Your Food Items

Various food items need different shaped delivery bags. Pizza GRP boxes need very different delivery bags to a standard food delivery bag. So, food delivery companies should ensure quality but also gives a various range of delivery bags tailored to different food items. It ensures that the challenges are different in transporting certain food items are considered for.


Grp box


Zipper Closure Method

A zipper closure system, instead of a velcro or clip system, is more secure and reliable. It’s also much more efficient in allowing moisture to disappear from the delivery bag, which is the reason for soggy fries or crusts. Velcro and clip systems simply do not ensure full closing and security from the exterior components. In contrast, zipper closure systems are fast, easy, and reliable.

Safety Light Reflectors

Food deliveries are offering at all times of the day. To make sure the security of food delivery operators, safety light reflectors are required at nighttime. By providing food delivery operators with food/pizza delivery bags that have safety light reflectors made into them, it secures the safety of both the delivery worker and the food.

GRP Boxes or Shelves

GRP Boxes and shelves help to keep cold and hot food away from each other in the same bag. This guarantees and maintains the temperature of food within the same delivery bag. It can also offer a way for food delivery workers to maintain multiple food orders. This means fewer errors, more perfection, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Tailored to Your Transportation Method

Whether for environmental or cost reasons, there are multiple transportation methods for food delivery in modern times. Whichever method you employ, finding a delivery bag that is the right fit for your transportation is the key.

This means better ergonomics and less chance of a bag being dropped and deliveries being ruined. When searching for a food delivery bag, look for a company that offers bags for multiple transportation methods.

Thermabags offers delivery bags that encompass all these characteristics. We take quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction seriously. That’s why we continually offer our customer’s high-quality, flexible, and custom solutions for their delivery business.

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