Important Points About Licensed Office 2019 Software You Should Know

If you are not an IT professional, then you are not aware of the advantages of using licensed software. The new Office (MS) 2019 version offers many new features. Developers have upgraded a lot of features that make the software more user-friendly.


  • You can install Microsoft Office 2019 as a local version
  • Licensed software is installed on the system for lifetime
  • You may not have to keep paying for the lifetime subscription


  • Who should opt for the 2019 office?


Any user can install this software for business purposes. It certainly is the best option for firms and organizations that do not trust cloud-based solutions.


You can install a licensed version of the software on any device. The best advantage is that you can use the same license key on a mobile device and laptop. You will be able to access all basic features only after installing Office 2019.


  • Understand systems requirements


To get started with installing and using the new version, you have to look into the systems requirements. The licensed version is an ideal choice for Mac and Windows devices. If you are having Windows 10 you can still use the 2019 office.


If your device is using Windows 7 then you can uninstall Office 2016 and install 2019. The software is supported by Mac and OS devices alike. You can also other versions of High Sierra and Mojave.


  • New Word features


The most attractive part of installing the new updated software is that you will be able to use the new black theme on the word. There are several learning tools as well on the latest version.


You will be able to use the incorporated tools including the text to speech tool. A lot of features can also be personalized.


  • New improved outlook


If you are used to using Office 2016 then you are already using Outlook. But with the 2019 version, Outlook offers many new features.


You will be able to access contact cards and groups from other 365 versions. Other features include travel cards and focused inbox features.


  • Better excel experience


MS Excel is an important software application. If you are a business firm then you are probably using Excel. It is useful for accounts entry.


The moment you have installed the new Office 2019 you will be able to use new excel features including funnel maps and 2D charts. These can be incorporated into your everyday presentations.


  • Inking capacity


Uses may certainly enjoy the inking features on the 2019 apps. Using this feature you can adjust the thickness and tilt angle of the ink tool.


You can write across MS apps using a digital pen or writing tool. You can use the inking feature to highlight important key points. You can install the Microsoft Office 2019 online after purchasing the license.


The software will also allow users to access smarter share options. Documents that you have worked on and want to share will be highlighted. This makes it easy to search and attach the documents to the email. The new version also offers improved history tracking features. Most functions can only be performed using the simple click option.


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