Important Things You Should Know About FAA Drug Testing Guidelines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict guidelines for testing for drugs and alcohol in the workplace. The FAA sets the policies in order to ensure the safety of employees and passengers, as well as the general public.

drug test for pilots

 If you are a pilot or flight crew you have a special prohibition against the use of alcohol for 8 hours bottle to throttle.  That means you are not to drink alcohol for 8 hours before coming to work.  Drug testing for pilots, flight crew and repair personnel are for 25 percent of the work force tested.  That means if there are 100 employees you will do 25 tests for drugs.  Alcohol testing is set at a rate of 10 percent   

Pre Employment drug testing is required for pilots, flight crew and all mechanics.

Random Drug Testing is required for all pilots flight crew and all mechanics.  

Pilots and flight crew are subject to probable cause testing for drugs and alcohol.

An accident in aviation is an event with an airplane that causes significant damage to the air craft or injury to passengers.  In that case drug and alcohol testing should be conducted.


The FAA has strict drug testing guidelines that every employee must follow. It is important to know what these guidelines are so that you can avoid any problems with your FAA drug test for pilots. 


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