Improve Your Business through Personalized Customer Experiences

Personalizing customer experiences boil down to much more than simply making them feel welcome and appreciated. It’s about engaging with customers in such a way that they feel encouraged to take action and list you as their number one choice when they need to purchase products or use services you offer in the future.

Offering personalized experiences might seem straight forward and even easy when using AI-driven programs, but if you truly want to reap the benefits of website personalization, you need to work with data strategically to implement the perfect custom personalization solution for each individual customer. Below we have compiled a list of personalization strategies that your business can use to serve customers personally and build a better brand.

1. Monitor Shopping Behaviours

Without needing to ask visitors for information, you can gather all you need to know to show them products or services that might interest them. Through user targeting, you’ll be able to use data you have collected by simply monitoring their online behaviours and interest. After compiling this, you can implement custom personalization solutions that will fit their individual needs.

2. Engage through Social Media

Although your online shop may be run on an external website, the power of social media should never be underestimated. To improve the journey that customers will walk with your business, you can use social media as an engagement tool. Having personal engagements with customers on a social platform can help you establish which custom personalization solutions will work for specific target groups, it will encourage other page visitors who have not purchased from you to voice how they feel your business can improve and gives you an opportunity to show your business is more than just a brand.

3. Omnichannel Personalization

Omnichannel personalization is a custom personalization solution that works through various channels in order to create consistent personal engagement with customers. This means that interaction is not limited to a website or social media visits, but every channel is used to improve the customer journey.

With omnichannel personalization, relevant data is collected to extend personalization across every interaction that a customer has with your business. Whether it’s through in-store visits, by sending a personalized text, or engaging through a targeted email, the goal is to create consistency.

4. Reward Customers

A proven way to improve a customer’s experience with your business is by giving them more than you take. Website personalization can help your business do this by implementing reward solutions for loyal customers. To collect data simultaneously, you can offer rewards in exchange for information. If you’d like to collect information that can be used for user targeting, you can offer exclusive discounts if a short questionnaire or feedback form is filled in.

To improve the experience a customer has with your business, you have to focus on web personalization as a whole. Providing customers with a positive experience is essential for your business’s survival in the saturated market faced today. Using effective personalization strategies will enrich the customer experience, and your business is sure to benefit from this.

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