Improved Basic Knowledge of Commerce after Studying B.Com 1st Year

When you have completed higher secondary and take admission in B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), you enter a completely new era of your life. Studying 1st Year is not only exciting but challenging too. Here is the period of your life when you start dreaming about your own business or to become a part of big business houses and this one year make your foundation strong to achieve your dream.

Course Structure of 1st Year
Followings are the key subject related to commerce apart from other electives and subsidiary subjects in B. Com, which is more or less common in all over India:

1. Financial Accounting
2. Business Economics & Business Organization
3. Economics- Fundamentals of Microeconomics
4. Economics- Advanced Microeconomics
5. Business management
6. Mathematics & Statistics

All the above subjects impart basic knowledge of Accountancy, Management, and Economics, and you will have to study very well to understand and achieve success in B.Com-2nd Year. You can take a guide to the best institution or classes also to understand the subjects and finish the course more efficiently. The most sensible thing would be to find a tutorial that has got a lot of experienced teachers and guidance for the students and enrol to make your basic strong.

Need for Proper Guidance to achieve success in commerce
Unlike the first and second year of your study, B.Com-3rd Year is very crucial for your career. This is the year which decides the future of your career, and from here you can opt for higher education, or to start a job in a business firm or you can start your own business. You should take proper guidance to complete the study of the third year and understand yourself much better.

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