Improved Monitoring for your Azure Logic Apps

It might be difficult to implement a business process because you frequently have to integrate several services. Consider all the methods used by your firm to process and store data. How are all these products integrated? You may connect to hundreds of services using pre-built components provided by Azure Logic Apps. You can arrange the components in any way you choose using a graphical design tool, and Logic Apps will execute your process automatically on the cloud. It’s easy to create a Logic App flow in Azure, however Azure doesn’t offer increased monitoring, which is necessary for such a potent resource. Let’s talk about how Serverless360 delivers Logic App monitoring in this blog post.

Monitoring of Logic Apps

Since they are very simple to comprehend and integrate with other systems, logic apps are a gift for integrating business scenarios. The Logic App needs to be monitored because they are so important. Here are a few explanations as to why businesses should keep an eye on Logic App:

The overall flow of the architecture could be affected by a lack of Azure Logic Apps monitoring, posing a danger to the business.

Monitoring is essential to preventing a wave of unsuccessful Logic App runs.

When integrating any Azure resources, monitoring is a crucial factor to consider.

Issues with Mircrosoft Azure

Even though Azure offers metric-based monitoring, it can be challenging for an Operations, Support, or Business user to comprehend the performance of the application without a comprehensive perspective. If we want to understand performance at the application level, we have to manually navigate through several subscriptions and delve further into the resource group to find out the status of each resource. It takes a great deal of time and creates overhead.

The Azure portal is strong for creating enterprise-grade solutions, but challenging to maintain and monitor.

The automation of only the necessary failing logic app runs according to the schedule.

Manage and Monitor Azure Logic Apps

Although the native Azure Monitor aids users in being reactive, any real-world organisation needs to take a proactive stance. Let’s take a look at an example where the queue serves as a communications bridge and the Function app verifies the messages it receives. When the validation fails, messages become stuck in the same queue because we are retrieving the messages in peek-lock mode. The message is pushed to the DDL once the TTL (Time To Live) has expired (Dead-Lettered Queue). TTL in our scenario is set to 1 minute.

Consider the situation when the orders fail the validation and the DDL messages build up in the queue. The alert will only be sent if the maximum threshold value is exceeded if we use the Azure monitor. However, there will be a tonne of DDL messages stacked up in our queue by the time we see the alert. We would benefit if we received a proactive alert before the threshold amount was reached.

Using simple workflow design and automation, Azure Logic Apps address significant business concerns, but maintaining and monitoring them in an application environment is not achievable with Azure Portal. The user must use Serverless360 to overcome this problem.

This problem is solved by Serverless360 by adding a “Resubmission of” tag to runs that have been resubmitted from either Serverless360 or the Azure Portal. By clicking it, you can get the specifics of the parent run itself, allowing you to correlate the parent run with the kid run.

The end-user is kept up to date on the functionality and state of their business application thanks to Serverless360’s distinctive monitoring capabilities. For the advantage of end users, it offers metrics monitoring with threshold values. You can keep a pro-active workplace with the aid of this monitoring.

Third-party Notification Channels can be set up to get alerts from Serverless360 in addition to Email alerts. You can select from the list of available Notification Channels that have previously been set up in the Settings section.


To prevent any downtime or failure, every organisation needs improved monitoring. A technology like Serverless360 is an absolute necessity for every organisation operating in the cloud. It allows for more efficient business application monitoring on Azure Cloud Space. In addition to enhanced management options for Operations and Support personnel, Serverless360 goes beyond monitoring to improve the day-to-day jobs they perform.

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