Improving Communication and Safety for Airside Ground Crews

Communication is absolutely vital for any business’s efficiency, success, and often, safety. That’s doubly true in the aviation industry and with airside ground crews. It’s easy to see how communication failures involving personnel operating multi-ton aircraft tugs hauling multimillion dollar airliners can have some incredibly dire consequences. Unfortunately, the importance of communication is so often cited it can fade into the background and not be proactively discussed, improved, and implemented. Thankfully, there are ways to improve that communication and safety among ground crews and other aviation personnel.

Importance and Benefits of Improved Communication

In case the benefits, and necessity, of effective communication aren’t clear, they include more efficiency, better productivity, and a far safer work environment. And all of those things can mean more money. After all, the more efficiently work gets done, the more of it gets done. Efficiency also preserves fuel, reduces wear on vehicles, and has any number of other peripheral benefits. And while far and away the highest priority of a safer workplace is that people are not getting hurt, the reduction or elimination of accidents can also save an enormous amount of money.

Communication During Stressful Events

As mentioned before, the last place anyone wants a communication breakdown is one in which someone is hauling millions of dollars and thousands of tons with an aircraft pushback tractor. And that communication is particularly crucial during high-stress situations. Unfortunately, that’s also when good communication is most vulnerable. There’s no magic bullet for ensuring that a ground crew maintains consistent communication during stressful situations. It’s simply a matter of training and more training. Airside personnel should be given as many specific responses to specific issues as possible and that training should be consistent and updated.

Wireless Headsets

Some of the communication fixes are simply a matter of having the right gear. In another one of those aviation ironies, an airside environment is one in which communication is of absolutely critical importance. It’s also an environment characterized by roaring jet engines, screaming props, often dozens of running engines in big ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles, and the like. That makes unenhanced verbal communication tough. However, outfitting a crew with wireless headsets both solves that problem and provides noise-cancelling protection. It allows for real-time communication and allows hands to remain free.

Organizational Technology and Strategies

Among the most important tools for improving airside communication is organizational technology. One feature of aviation organization that can be overlooked is emphasizing not only communication within a ground crew but communication between a ground crew and any other crews operating for other airlines or in other sections, and personnel from the airport itself. An example of a more communication-forward approach to the work done by airside ground crews is the increasing popularity of GSE pooling. It requires communication and cooperation between ground crews, and that’s paying off. Implementation of cooperative strategies and the exchange of useful information between different crews and personnel sections increases efficiency, saves time, resources, and money, and improves the travel experience of the passengers.

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