In Rainbow Six Siege’s next patch, Lion will finally be less annoying


As we reach the halfway point of the Operation Burnt Horizon of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft company has released its regularly scheduled Notes of the Designer that layout every big balancing change coming in the next upcoming patch. Alongside the much-anticipated reworks of the game Rainbow Six Siege operators like Capitão and Lion is a surprise buff for Kaid and nerfs for Blitz, Nomad, and Maestro. Ubi also shared updated win rate or pick rate graphs that reflect data from Operation Wind Bastion and the very first half of Operation Burnt Horizon.


  1. Replaced the red scan outline with pings that are consecutive.
  2. Reduced the ability warning time span from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  3. Reduced the scanning from a time span of 4 to 2 seconds.
  4. Reduced the ability cool-down from a time span of 27 to 15 seconds.
  5. Increased the number of charges from a quantity of 2 to 3.

The Lion rework is completely ready, reads the latest post. As Ubi has previously stated, rework of Lion is focused on making him less frustrating for several defenders while still maintaining is the role of an information operator. It is quite a worthy balance decision, but it probably would not make him more interesting to play. In the end, you are still just pressing a button and letting the drone do the entire work.


  1. Reducing damage per tick on fire bolts from a number of 19 to 12.
  2. Size of the area of effect is now increased.
  3. The area takes about 2 seconds to reach its maximum size.
  4. The arrows follow a straight trajectory until the distance 10 meters. After that, they will start to fall because of gravity.

Ubi is finally ready to introduce the rework to fire bolts of Capitão first shown off back in the month of February. The final version has the same gist—each bolt has a much larger AOE but deals very less damage. To balance out the behavior of his new gadget, the bolts are now affected due to gravity, dropping off after a distance of 10 meters. We are psyched to see all the new ways players will use his area denial.


  1. To reduce the survivability of all the Evil Eyes, its bulletproof windows will now be half opened when affected by Shock Drones or EMPs.

This particular change is coming a bit out of nowhere. We think most players were expecting a nerf to the dominant LMG of Maestro instead of his Evil Eyes. Regardless, it sounds kind of more brilliant. Twitch and Thatcher now have a little better chance to shut down an Evil Eye while giving Maestro a big opportunity to fight back. If an EMP rolls into the particular room, he can move the camera’s view away from the view of the enemy.

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