In the choice of pyjamas, you can choose belt-style pyjamas

Waist with elastic band pyjamas, which can easily pull the waist out of a red print, affecting the body’s blood circulation, making the legs swollen and even numb. In the choice of pyjamas, you can choose belt-style pyjamas, especially the waist is more obese people, but also to ensure loose waist. When you sleep, tie your belt slightly loose so that your waist can rotate freely.

Red or yellow pyjamas, bright red, orange and yellow can make people feel nervous and excited, which is not conducive to falling asleep. In addition, some dark pyjamas may be stained with a lot of chemicals, bad for the skin, may cause cancer. Suggest to choose elegant, can relax body and mind color, such as pink, green, beige, etc.

Conjoined pyjamas, which can affect the movement of turning over while sleeping, the corners of the garment will be pressed under the body, if the clothes move up, the pyjamas will pile on the chest and so on, not only affect breathing, but also hurt bone health, but also may let you catch a cold. It is best to choose split pyjamas, comfortable to wear and easy to move.

Cap-style pyjamas, when sleeping, the hat under the body will make the neck raised, causing pain, neck discomfort and so on, affecting the quality of sleep. In addition, compression of the neck can also lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain and shallower sleep. The collar of pyjamas should be loose enough to choose round collar or “U” type collar pyjamas as far as possible.

Coarse knitting pyjamas, this kind of pyjamas thicker texture, the seam is hard, will stimulate the skin, resulting in shallow sleep. It is recommended to choose a smooth, soft and comfortable cotton or silk pyjamas.

Tight sex pyjamas, looking fashionable and sexy, are popular with young women. But this kind of pyjamas will stick to the body, not conducive to skin perspiration and body temperature, but also affect blood circulation, let people have nightmares and so on. Therefore, choose easy-to-wear, loose enough pyjamas.

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