Income tax planning for real estate in Houston

Managing your taxes is of chief importance when it comes to the proper handling of finances. Every citizen must pay taxes on time. People are generally scared to go into the complex income tax laws and pay more taxes on hard-earned money.


Taxes come in different forms. It could be classified as income, local, state, or federal tax. Generally, it is drawn from wages, investments, gifts, and entitlements. It is the most productive way to make smart investments while fully utilizing the resources available due to tax benefits.


The most common type of tax is income tax which is derived from individual salary or the revenue of a specific business. Another type of tax is derived from the production, sales, or consumption of goods and services. It comes under indirect taxes. The third type of tax is an excise tax. It is collected by the producer or retailer. It remains hidden in the price of a product or service instead of being listed separately. Apart from these, property tax, excise tax, and import-export tax are there on the queue to live tax-free life.


A tax deduction is a primary and powerful benefit of real estate investment. Real estate professionals don’t have a plan for taxes. With all the different types of taxes, it is no wonder people consult tax planning lawyers to help minimize tax liability. In Houston, the tax law provides several strategies for minimizing tax liability for real estate professionals. If you have income tax planning for real estate in Houstonseek the guidance of the experts of Mitchell Tax Law.


As experienced tax attorneys, we help clients navigate real estate tax law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in planning for capital gain on a development project and minimizing taxes through real estate ownership and investment. If you have a commercial property, you can deduct many of the expenses you incur for your real estate.

No one likes to pay too much hard-earned money on taxes. We have experience working with development projects and account methods for design and construction. We handle property tax protests, property tax exemptions, and delinquent tax litigation. We offer a wide range of services to help with the compliance and negotiation of property taxes.


Call us and schedule your appointment today! Our experts are there to resolve all your tax related queries.


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