Increase Profits with Affordable, High-Quality Wholesale Gifts

Stores want to turn a profit—this is not exactly a groundbreaking thought. After all, why run a business if all it does is lose money?

Of course, it is one thing for store owners and managers to say they need to increase profits and another to actually do so. Finding the best wholesale gifts can make it easier for retailers to draw customers—and their money—inside. The finest wholesalers can give stores access to brands whose products uplift the spirit and give stores excellent return on their investment.


But how does a retailer know a top-quality wholesaler from a mediocre or subpar one?Here are three ways to spot an excellent source for wholesale gifts:

1. They Offer Unique, Premium Quality Products

First and foremost, great wholesalers will give retailers access to unique, high-quality goods. They show careful consideration when it comes to the artists, craftspeople and businesses they work with.

Wholesalers need the ability to give retailers products that they could not easily find somewhere else. This is because the customers at retail stores want top-quality items, not chintzy, undistinguished junk. This is especially true for retailers in the gift industry: When consumers come to these businesses, they are most likely looking for something that they and their friends, family and loved one will cherish for many years.

2. They Have a Diverse Stock of Products

A company that offers gifts wholesale will pay attention not only to the quality of their products but the diversity as well. First-rate wholesalers cast their nets wide in order to give their retail clients a broader range of gift items. By having a greater variety of products, a wholesaler can help retailers acquire goods that will appeal to their customers and enhance their brands.

For example, a retailer might use a particular wholesaler as a source for holiday items like tree toppers and nativity sets. If the wholesaler only offered products like these, its usefulness would be rather limited. By contrast, a wholesale company that can provide stores with gift items for all seasons—hand creams, say, or soup bowls and coffee mugs—can be much more helpful to its clients.

3. They Have the Right Set of Values

Last but definitely not least, a superior wholesaler will do business in a value-driven manner. In a way, the quality of a company’s products will depend upon its values: A wholesaler could not retain artists and brands if it treated them or retailers disrespectfully.

DEMDACO can provide retailers with wholesale baby gifts, home furnishings and much more. It works with a diverse range of skilled artists and leading brands in order to offer products that lift the human spirit.


DEMDACO has won acclaim for wholesale holiday gifts and several other types of products to businesses worldwide. Founded by Demi and Dave Kiersznowski, DEMDACO offers a diverse stock oftailor-made goods that celebrate life, home, family and friends.

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