increasing concerns about the formation of a new government in Afghanistan

Technical teams from Qatar have landed at Kabul airport to discuss the resumption of activities after it was damaged during recent US and NATO evacuations.

The arrival on Wednesday came amid increasing concerns about the formation of a new government in Afghanistan and how the Taliban, which took over the country on August 15, intends to deal with the country’s ailing economy.

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UN chief warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Afghanistan
Qatar warns isolating Taliban could lead to more instability
Government employees have not been paid salaries for months, and banks are barely functional as the country has been cut off from international financial institutions. More than half a million Afghans have been internally displaced due to months of deadly fighting between Taliban fighters and government forces.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres on Tuesday warned of a looming “humanitarian catastrophe”, adding that basic services threatened to collapse “completely”.

Fears raised for safety of Hazaras after Taliban takeover
The safety of Afghanistan’s minority Hazara community could be in jeopardy following the takeover of the Taliban group in the country.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Abdul Ghafoor, the director of Afghanistan Migrants Advice and Support Organization, revealed that at least 14 Hazaras were killed after they surrendered to the Taliban in Daykundi province.

“There’s no amnesty for no one to be honest with you. They are going after the journalists, they are going after the activists, after the people who were in the government,” he said.

Influential US legislator says recognition of Taliban possible
Gregory Meeks, the Democratic chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he would not rule out recognising a Taliban-led government in the future but he stressed that the group must live up to its commitments to respect human rights.

Speaking to broadcaster MSNBC, Meeks said relations with the Vietnamese government were once thought impossible after the US withdrawal from the country, but Washington now enjoys warm ties with Hanoi.

“So you never say never, but there’s a lot that the Taliban has to do to show that they’re going to really uphold the principles of … human rights,” Meeks said.

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