Incredible News Regarding Healthureum Project And How to Counter Them


The Healthureum project may need to employ one among the simplest and most up-to-date innovations to enable medical facilities to supply better healthcare services. Still, it takes quite the technology to realize this dream. Consistent with IBM, Blockchain technology has its limitations a bit like the other technology and isn’t applicable altogether scenarios. However, it is the simplest solution to improving data management and medical transactions within the healthcare sector. 


Regulatory and Data Compliance 


EHR systems have worked for medical institutions and, therefore, the HIE because of the official modes of storing medical information, but they are not ideal for interoperability. Despite their strict adherence to rules, they are still liable for thousands of knowledge mismanagement cases. On the opposite hand, Healthureum blockchain technology stored data in a distributed manner. As such, medical information is not any longer stored within the confines of a medical building. 

This switch comes with tons of risks, and intrinsically all data compliance regulations need to be adhered to for the Healthureum project to be a hit. The act was introduced by Legislations like the Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 to safeguard the integrity of medical data within us. As such, its security and privacy are of utmost value to most organizations as mismanaging the knowledge breaches this law and will get the involved parties in trouble. 

 However, this project won’t only respect and follow all regulatory and data compliance laws like HIPAA but also will be actively involved in their improvement. Usually, altered medical information is often hard to trace with the present medical systems. In most instances, the culprit is neither during a particular clinic nor a part of the HIE. Therefore, the person who made the alterations while following all regulations in place. 

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