Indian Clothing—A Beautiful Depiction of a Way of Life

No one can doubt that fashion plays a great role in culture and vice versa. Indian clothing is one great example. These pieces reflect the geography and climate in India, and they come in a wide range of styles influenced by different traditions in different regions. Both male and female Indian attire has drastically evolved over the years, and now, you can find a diverse set of styles with a modern twist.

The best examples of traditional yet trendy Indian clothing

Lehenga cholis

Lehenga cholis are traditionally worn by Indian women during special events, such as weddings, festivals, and family gatherings. Rather than pertaining to a single piece of clothing, lehenga cholis are an attire that consists of three parts:

  • Choli or blouse
  • Lehenga or skirt
  • Dupatta or scarf

These three-piece sets come in a wide variety of options, often differing in fabric, color, and fit.

For example, the CC3600 lehenga is made with a deep, almost wine-like red silk fabric. It features heavy hand embroidery with an elegant length of 41 inches. Meanwhile, the CC3525 is a stunning white and gold two-piece set featuring a silk top and a georgette bottom.

Saree blouses

Saree blouses are becoming more and more popular among modern Indian women. They feature a trendy twist on an Indian classic, with cuts and patterns that resemble today’s tops.

For instance, the BL1715 is a gorgeous pure silk blouse with a low neckline and spaghetti straps. Its fabric is covered with heavy embroidery in gold, green, and pink, adding a dash of color to any outfit.

Other popular designs for saree blouses include the high neck, boat neck, V-neck, shoulder sleeves, and halter tops.

Salwar kameez

Are you looking for something more comfortable to wear at a formal event? Then, a classic salwar kameez set is perfect for you. Consisting of the salwar–trousers– and the kameez–top– this two-piece outfit is traditionally worn across South Asia.

Like the lehenga choli, salwar kameez comes in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. One example is the AG1870 salwar suit, made with soft and flowy georgette.

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About the Author:

Shreya Patel ventured into professional fashion design and established the hugely successful design house, RAAS, in her 50s. She dived into the fashion industry in 2016 when she started a one-of-a-kind online boutique experience by curating artisan-quality outfits from India and selling them in the US. But eventually, Shreya realized this was not fulfilling her mission of growing together, supporting the artisans, and empowering women. Hence, she decided to pursue further education at Parsons School of Design. It was amidst the pandemic that she started her own design house with the intention to support the artisans who had lost their jobs, and that marked the beginning of the socially sustainable label RAAS, The Global Naari. Her daughter decided to join her mission because of the tremendous fame and love her designs received in the United States and internationally, even during the pandemic. The duo recently introduced Tanisi, a Western casual label focusing on making sustainable, high-quality designer fashion accessible and affordable.


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